Update On Spray Painted Ceramic How Has It Held Up?

Update On Spray Painted Ceramic How Has It Held Up?

Last Spring I spray painted a ceramic angel for my garden. I thought I should circle back and let you guys know how it held up!

Spray Painted Ceramic Cherub

Remember this little guy! If not you can read the post HERE. Well I left him out all year in the wind, rain, and 20 below winter temps, so I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know how the paint job held up/

Spray Painted Ceramic 1 Year Later

spray painted ceramic update

As you can see, the paint held up beautifully. The ceramic however . . . Well that’s another story.

The back of the ceramic angel

The back is still in perfect condition aside from the little chip on his toe. The poor little guy.

the wing of the angel

And his wing has a little chip now too.

I guess I should have brought him in from the cold. The paint is unaffected in it’s time out in the weather though. It’s as glossy and pretty as the day I painted it

In the end if I had put the angel in the garage during the winter months. Minnesota winters are brutal on things like flower pots and outdoor ornaments. The truth is I kinda forgot this little guy was still hanging out outside when winter came and buried him.

As long as I seal those chips with some clear coat, and remember to bring him in out of the cold, I think he will survive a few years more.

At this point I think I have spray painted everything.

So that’s my update. I will be filtering in a few other updates because I’ve had questions on a few other projects as well, so make sure you get signed up for my newsletter! That way you won’t miss a single post!

Many blessings to you!


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