Reseller Resources

Here’s a list of my favorite reseller resources! These are products and services that I use everyday in my own business. I love them and I hope you do too!

accuteck reseller resources

The Accuteck scale weighs from1 oz to 110 pounds. The best part is the display is not on the scale so you can read it if you have a larger box to weigh.

MFLABEL Half Sheet Labels – I didn’t want to buy a new printer but I wanted professional labels. These can be printed from any printer and they make you package look professional!

pirate ship reseller resource

Pirate Ship connects with so many selling platforms that it makes shipping a breeze. Just import your order details with the click of a button. Their rates are so much less than anywhere else that I’ve save a small fortune.

white corrugate box reseller resources

Aviditi 888W Corrugated Box, Oyster White – These white corrugated boxes let you branding stand out. Add a logo sticker from Stickermule and your shipments are fully branded!

Sticker mule reseller resources

Stickermule! – Fast, quality products that help you brand your shipments. Order the 2″x2″ rounded edge stickers and add them to all your packages.

Un-du reseller resources

Un-du label remover – I buy this in bulk. Un-du can remove sticky label from paper without damaging the paper. If you sell vintage then you need this in your kit. It removes labels from delicate surfaces without damage and without leaving residue.

Reseller Resources bubble mailers

Metronic Bubble Mailer – I don’t always need a box for shipping. I ordered these bubble mailers in my brand colors!

 Tape Dispenser Gun

 Tape Dispenser Gun – Makes one hand taping a breeze! That and the handy little guard keeps the tape from falling back and sticking to the roll again. Love this!

I will add more reseller resources as I think of them or questions about what I use get asked.