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Hi Friends and Junking buddies! I am Stacy Verdick Case, I’m am so passionate about showing people how to live a better life on a budget.  I believe that because something is worn you don’t just throw it away. Many of the furniture pieces in our homes can be given a new, more useful life with just a little love, a little repair, and a lot of imagination.

I am the Stacy Verdick Case who writes the Award winning Catherine O’Brien Series. That’s just one of the many twists and turns my life has taken. I’ve hosted two different Podcasts interviewing best selling authors from all over the globe.

Now, in addition to writing books (I’ll never give that up) I repair, upcycle and redesigns furniture, which I sell along with vintage treasures at my Shop and online through Etsy.

I was born in Minnesota but grew up as an Army brat so we moved a few times. Always coming home to Minnesota.

With as many places as I’ve been I’m still in love with Minnesota and chose to make my home here. I’m a wife, mom, author, blogger, and YouTuber.

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PO Box 415, Stacy, MN 55079