Christmas Cocktails Beyond Eggnog

Christmas Cocktails Beyond Eggnog

Christmas is that most wonderful time of the year when Cocktails become elevated from just a drink to a themed, artistic display! Oh the preasure.

While I don’t think my Christmas cocktails need to be a work of art, I do like the idea of a theme that goes hand in hand with Christmas. I also like to include the flavors of the holidays. There are so many drinks that I don’t consume except during the holidays. Eggnog is one of those but there are so many Christmas drinks beyond eggnog that you can bring to your table this year!

Christmas Alone This Year

Unfortunately, 2020 is the year that we won’t be having a large family gathering. I won’t be creating a buffet full of cocktails for people to grab when they wanted one. This did make me a little sad when preparing this post. What’s the point? Kept running through my head.

While I’m not buying huge bottles of liquor this year my husband and I can still enjoy a cozy cocktail together. It’s a more intimate Christmas for us but it can still be a special one.

That’s the challenge this year is making the Holidays feel special when we’re limited in what we can do. So I encourage to make your Christmas special for your family this year!

Holiday Cocktails!

Carmel Apple Cider

Carmel Apple Cider

No lie this is one of my favorite cocktails. It can be served warm or cold. You can of course make this non-alcoholic with caramel sauce and cider if you don’t want to tie one on this holiday season. Here’s how you make it!

Heat the apple cider however you wish. During the holidays I usually have a crockpot of cider staying warm for the whole family but you can use a microwave. Add a shot glass of caramel vodka. Top with whipped cream and caramel sauce. If you can’t find caramel vodka you can use Crown Royal Salted Carmel.

Cinnamon Apple Cider

Cinnamon Apple Cider

I picked this one up from a vendor a Rustic Mamas Market in Owatonna Minnesota. I kept smelling cinnamon apple cider only to find out all our shoppers were drinking Fireball Whiskey in their cider. It warmed us all up on a very cold shopping day! Like I said above cider is a staple at my holiday gatherings so this was an easy fit! Here’s how you make it!

Heat your apple cider to a temp you like. Add a shot glass of Fireball whiskey. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

This one goes down really easy so head my warning and drink it sparingly!

The Champagne Cocktails!

Okay, so I’m partial to Prosecco when I mix champagne cocktails but if you want a traditional champagne then use that! I will recommend choosing a sweeter champagne. Because you’re mixing you can get away with a less expensive champagne Korbel Extra Dry California Champagne is excellent and sweet for less than $20 in most areas.

Christmas Champaign Cocktails

Blue Christmas

You’ll be anything but blue when you try this wonderful cocktail! You’ll need champagne and Kinky Blue for this one! Kinky Blue is a berry flavored liquor so it mixes beautifully with champagne. Here’s how you make it!

Fill a champagne flute half way with Kinky Blue Liquor and top the glass off with a champagne or prosecco of your choice.

A Poinsettia

Thank you to my friendly liquor store employee who shared this cranberry flavored cocktail with me! So festive with it’s red color! It’s a cranberry mimosa. Here’s how you make it!

Fill a champagne flute half way with cranberry juice and top off with the champagne or prosecco of your choice. You can make this one non-alcoholic by substituting 7-up for champagne.

A Grinch

You’ll be anything but grinchy when you try this wonderful green cocktail! It’s base is midori melon flavored liquor with has a wonderful bright flavor. Here’s how you make it!

Fill a champagne flute half way with Midori Liquor and top the glass off with a champagne or prosecco of your choice.

Enjoy Your Merry & Bright Christmas Cocktails

That’s a list of my favorite Christmas Cocktails! Do you have a favorite you want to share with me? Comment below and let me know! I’d love to try it.

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  1. Though I don’t drink, these sound amazingly delicious. May have to concoct virgin versions.

    1. They are good even virgin! If you can get your hands on Starbucks caramel sauce it makes the apple cider amazing!

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