The Best Paint Colors for Furniture

The Best Paint Colors for Furniture

The struggle is real my friends! You decide you want to flip furniture for profit. Then you get to the paint isle and suddenly you have color atrophy! So what are the best paint colors for furniture?

I’ve been flipping furniture for awhile now and I still struggle with color. I LOVE color! Mostly bright blue but any color will catch my attention. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority.

Everyone love looking at the Ombre furniture on Pinterest or any other creatively painted furniture. The cold hard truth is the people who want that type of furniture are a very small handful and if you want to make money selling furniture on a regular basis these specialty paints are not your bread and butter.

Best Paint Colors for Furniture

I’ve joked for the last two years that the only color people want on their furniture is white. It’s a joke and then again it’s not. White is the king of the furniture flipping world. When in doubt paint it white.

As boring as that sounds there are SOOOOO many shades of white out there. It doesn’t have to be a hospital white. Although a pure white paint like High Reflective White from Sherwin Williams, which is a pure bright white, is beautiful.

Other whites have different undertones like blue like Lily White from Benjamin Moore, or tan like Benjamin Moore’s Paper White and China White.

White Paint Shades

But white is not the only color that sells.

50 Shades of Well You Know

Yep, the other color that tops the furniture flipping charts of top sellers is Gray. And that book (yeah you know the poorly written one I don’t talk about) got it almost right. There are WAY more than  shades. There are hundreds of shades.

The undertones of gray are as varied as there are in the white category. There are blue grays, brown gray, black grays, green grays, and so many more.

Gray Paint Colors

Other Colors

Those are the two consistently sellable colors. Sometimes you can sneak a light blue in or a black piece and make a sale. Beige will sell too but not as consistently. If you want to paint a color try mixing them with the two winning paint colors.

Take for instance the High Boy below from Shades of Blue Interior. The blue drawers on this dresser mixed with the white body make this an easy sale. Look how beautiful it is!

Shades of Blue Dresser

I don’t want this post to be discouraging if you want to paint colorful furniture. I’ve painted my own bright pink pieces like the vanity I paint a few years ago. It sold right away but I’ve had quite a few that didn’t sell.

pink vanity


The point is use the colors (those lovely, lovely colors) sparingly. If the right customer comes in like it did for the piece above then you’re having a fantastic day! But if it takes awhile for the piece to sell you’re going to be happy those white and gray pieces are their to pick up the slack.

If you want tips on painting furniture white check out this post HERE.

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Many blessings to you all!