How to Use Liquid Sandpaper Paint Deglosser

How to Use Liquid Sandpaper Paint Deglosser

If you have an aversion to sanding before painting you can always try liquid sandpaper or paint deglosser.

I’m so used to sanding my projects but I know that many of my readers have a strong aversion to it. I get it. Sanders are noisy and make a huge mess everywhere.

The results of not sanding though cannot be denied. If you don’t sand your paint will easily scratch and chip away.

So what is a DIYer to do?

Enter Liquid Sandpaper

Liquid sandpaper or paint deglosser is a solvent that softens the existing surface of your projects to help your new paint stick.

Let me show you how it works!

perfect project for liquid sandpaper

This little side table is the perfect table for liquid sandpaper. It doesn’t need any major work. The finish is in excellent condition aside from a dark area where someone had a candle sitting on it for too long. It’s not burned but it’s scorched. There’s no reason to sand this except that I wanted to give it a facelift.

Zinsser Paint Deglosser

I used Zinsser Paint Deglosser because it’s the brand I had on hand. There are other brands like Krud Kutter Gloss Off and Klean-Strip that work just as well.

proper safety equipment

Before you do anything make sure you are wearing proper protective gear. The fumes from these products are very toxic, highly flammable and not good for your skin. So I opted for the height of DIY fashion and put on my respirator and protective gloves. I also opened two windows in my home to vent the fumes. I was being as safe as I can be because we get one life.

Wipe on liquid sandpaper

The first thing you want to do is dampen a rag with the liquid sandpaper and go over the whole surface in a circular motion.

After a few seconds

The surface starts to turn hazy almost immediately.

paint on liquid sandpaper

Even though it started to work right away you still want to grab a paint brush (I use a chip brush) and spread a thick layer of liquid sandpaper over the surface. And let it sit for 30 minutes.

after 30 minutes

After 30 minutes the clear coat will be almost completely frosted or hazy looking. Now you are ready to paint.

primer coat

I coated mine with Zinsser B-I-N primer first to make sure all stains were blocked. I was particularly worried about that scorch mark and any dies from the candle that might be left behind. It’s my favorite primer because it works.

When you paint this coat you will feel the brush drag against the softened finish. Don’t panic that’s normal.

Finished Table

You need to paint your project within 1 hour of using liquid sandpaper so if you’re working on a large project like your kitchen cabinets make sure you work in sections that are manageable in that timeframe. Again I want to remind you that the fumes are very strong so it’s a trade off between the dust or regular sanding and the fumes of liquid sandpaper.

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How to Use liquid sandpaper

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