Best Furniture to Flip for Profit

Best Furniture to Flip for Profit

You want to start flipping furniture for a profit but what are the best furniture to flip for profit? He’s a quick list of what sells!

Why do I know? Because I’ve been flipping and selling furniture for years. I’ve learned a few things. That being said every market is different so some pieces that sell where I am in Minnesota might not sell in your area. What sells can vary widely from one shop I sell at to another!

Don’t be discouraged though. There are a few staple pieces that I and all the other furniture flippers I’ve work with are constantly on the hunt for when we’re out picking.

best furniture to flip for a profit

How Do You Pick Furniture to Flip?

What should you look for in Furniture when decided what to flip? You want to pick furniture that is popular in your area first of all. After that you want to pick pieces that are quality

Here are Some of the Best Furniture to Flip for Profit

When you’re out looking for furniture here’s what you should keep an eye out for!

Small Tables

Small Table

Small tables can be considered the bread and butter of the furniture flipping world. Who doesn’t need a good end table? The one pictured above is a Queen Anne which people around here love. In your area they could lean more toward mid-century, traditional, or contemporary. Whatever that style is in your area everyone needs a small table.

Night Stands

Night Stands

Night stands like small tables are one of those pieces that everyone seems to need. Large or small night stands come in all shapes and sizes but they all have a buyer out there somewhere.

Foot Stools or Small Stools

foot stools

What’s funny to me is how fast footstools or small stool sell. I personally don’t have one in my house, but they are excellent sellers for me.


Small Buffets

Buffets aren’t something I pick up a lot just because my workshop is so small, but other vendors in my shops sell buffets like crazy!


Dressers on of the best furniture to flip

Dressers in all Shapes and sizes are another excellent seller. Again, who doesn’t need a dresser.

What Pieces of Furniture Should You Avoid?

If you’re looking for the best furniture to flip for a profit then you need to know what pieces to avoid. While no particular piece of furniture is completely off limits (as I say on my YouTube Channel all the time there’s a lid for every pot)

Beyond Repair

If you find a piece of furniture that is essentially so broken you would have to rebuild it from the ground up, unless you are comfortable with a complete rebuild then leave it behind. If you do pick up one of these pieces and realize it’s beyond repair don’t despair, you can still use the pieces and parts to create something new.

Moldy Furniture

Trust me, just leave it behind. You do not want to bring mold into your workshop. You don’t want to breathe it and risk your health or your family’s health.

Smelly Furniture

Yes, you should get into the habit of sniffing the furniture pieces. Tobacco, mildew or other stenches should probably be left behind. You can try to seal the smell in with a heavy duty primer but if you’re working in a small enclosed space you’ll want to leave them at the store.

Have Fun Flipping for Profit!

The most important thing to remember when you’re out buying furniture is to look for quality pieces or furniture. Have fun on your furniture flipping adventures!

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