3 Tips for Reselling Vintage Furniture

3 Tips for Reselling Vintage Furniture

The market for reselling vintage furniture is actually booming, and if you have a few pieces of antique furniture in your attic, this could be the time to make some money.

Even if you’re considering selling vintage furniture for a living these tips will help you get the best price for your pieces.

Below we’ll go over 3 tips for re-selling your vintage furniture:

1) Find out what type of items are worth the most – when it comes to antiques it’s important to do research on what types of items tend to sell best. For example, Victorian era house furnishings will often command higher prices than Early American pieces.

I use WorthPoint to help me figure out my prices.  If you’re selling or buying vintage items, WorthPoint is a great place to start. They have over 2 million listings of vintage and antique furniture with their “Sold” price, so they can help make sure your prices are in the ballpark.

Worth Point for reselling vintage furniture

2) Clean before selling – many potential buyers won’t even consider looking at an item that isn’t in pristine condition. This means taking time to clean and repair any damages so they can be seen in their best light.

Clean before reselling vintage furniture

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3) Consider repainting or reupholstering – if your vintage furniture is still in good condition but just needs a little updating, consider repainting or reupholstering the piece. This makes it more appealing to potential buyers and may increase its value.

reupholster for better reselling

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Where Should You Sell Vintage Furniture?

Ebay is one of the best options for reselling vintage furniture. While you may not make as much money on Ebay, it is an excellent starting point to get your items out there and seen by a large audience.

Craigslist is another great option if you’re looking to sell locally and fast! Craigslist tends to attract more working-class individuals than other sites, but it’s a great way to get in front of potential buyers and make your items known.

Facebook Marketplace is a newer option for selling items. Facebook Marketplace is similar to Craigslist in that it allows you to sell locally, but the site seems to have more of an upscale audience than average individuals.

If you want to make a career out of selling consider renting a booth at an antique mall or flea market. While you may need to rent the space, it will allow for more foot traffic and attract buyers who are specifically looking for vintage furniture! Plus, both types of venues typically have their own social media following which can help get your name out there if you’re not already established in the vintage market.

Let’s Sell Furniture!

As you can see, reselling vintage furniture is a great way to make some extra cash. You may even find that it’s more lucrative than your day job! If you do decide to sell your old pieces of furniture online or locally, be sure to take into account the tips we’ve given and share any additional advice for selling vintage furnishings in the comments below. We want this blog post about how to get started with resale success stories from our readers as well! Happy Junkin’ and let me know what happens if you try out these strategies on your next big sale!

3 Tips for Reselling Vintage Furniture

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