What I Bought for Junk Bonanza – Flea Market, Vintage Selling Essentials

What I Bought for Junk Bonanza – Flea Market, Vintage Selling Essentials

If you’re going to sell at a vintage market like Junk Bonanza you’re going to need a few things. Here’s a quick list of your vintage selling essentials.

Okay, you’ve book your space. You’ve packed your van. Now what else do you need? What might you have forgotten to pack?

Vintage Selling Essentials

Vintage Selling Essential #1 Sales Books!

The first thing you’re going to need are sales books and probably more that you thought you were going to need. This 2 part receipt books makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your sales by writing down item descriptions, and giving your customer a receipt even for cash transactions.

I remember the first vintage show I did was Rustic Mama’s Market in Owatanna Minnesota. I bought the 3 pack of these sales books, which is 150 sales. I thought I would be lucky to use up 1 or 2 of these books. Yep, I ran out.

Now I always pick up the 10 pack just to be on the safe side. If there are any left over I tuck them in my supplies for the next market and the next time I can fill in how ever many more books I need.

Vintage Selling Essential Sales Books

Vintage Selling Essential #2 Ballpoint Pens

This Bic ballpoint pen is a classic and it just happens to be my favorite pen of all time! Yes, I’m hyper aware of how silly having a favorite pen is but it’s a writer thing. Don’t question it. Just go with it.

These pens are perfect for your sales book. They don’t smear. They don’t take any time to dry. And then write through the carbon perfectly.

Make sure you bring a couple just in case one dries out, someone walks away with it, or you drop it under a dresser that you can’t move. I speak from experience here!

vintage selling essentials ballpoint pens

Vintage Selling Essentials #3 A Money Apron

Here’s one you might not have thought of. I know I hadn’t when I first started selling. When I first started selling I used a cashbox. That is a huge mistake. Here’s why.

If you walk across you booth to help a customer you cashbox is left unattended. As wonderful as most of the customers at vintage shows are there’s now point tempting fate buy leaving your cash alone.

Investing in an apron with a few pockets like this one allows you to carry your money with you while you walk around so you don’t have to keep twisting your head like an owl to make sure no one is linger by your cashbox. You can give your customers your full attention without worry.

Selling Essentials Cash Apron

Vintage Selling Essentials #4 Checkout Stand

You absolutely need a place to write up sales while you’re at a vintage market! I created a checkout stand using this exact folding bookshelf (see the YouTube video of how it turned out).

I chose the bookshelf because I could 1) it folds flat so it doesn’t take up precious cargo space in the van 2) the levels allow me to store bags and packing material neatly at the show and 3) it’s wood so I could clad the outside to make it really cool! Seriously, watch the video and see how amazing it turned out!

selling essential checkoutstand

Selling Essential #5 Square & Venmo!

I’m going to share this piece of advice with you. You should absolutely accept credit cards. And do not pass the fee on to your customers. I’ve had a vendor try that one me and I told her to forget it.

The small fee that comes out of accepting credit cards is deductible to you and the extra sales you make for accepting credit cards more than off sets this cost.

Let me relay an observation from one of the vintage markets I’ve attended. The vendor next to me did not accept credit cards, it was late in the day so most of the people shopping had burned through their cash reserves if they’d brought any at all. When a customer wanted to make a purchase with a credit card this vendor told her where the cash machine was. The customer walked out of her booth and into mine where I have a big sign saying we accept visa, Mastercard, discover and American Express. She found the same piece she was looking at in that vendor’s booth in my booth and made her purchase without having to walk half way across the venue to get cash.

The vendor who lost the sale noticed and complained to me LOUDLY. That the sale should have been hers. Maybe if she hadn’t alienated her customer by trying to send her across the hall for cash she would have had the sale.

My point is make it easy for people to give you money. I now use both Square and Venmo to make it super easy for people to give me money.

Here’s a bonus for you if you sign up for Square using my referral link you’ll get $1,000 in transaction without the fee to get you started. This could get you through your first show without worrying about losing money.

square reader

Sign up for Venmo through my link and receive $5 free.

get venmo

I Hope This Helps!

These five piece will give you a good start for your next vintage market! If you’re wondering what it’s like to get ready for a big show link Junk Bonanza read all about it here!

Now I’m going to get back to packing my last minute things. If you have more questions about selling at a vintage market I’m always happy to answer your question! Just comment down below!

Don’t forget to Pin this to your Pinterest page to help other vintage sellers! Have a fantastic day!

Vintage selling essentials