Repair A Table Leg Chewed by a Dog – Using Epoxy Wood Filler

Repair A Table Leg Chewed by a Dog – Using  Epoxy Wood Filler

Repair A Table Leg Chewed by a DogIf you’ve ever had a chair or table leg repair table leg chewed by dog, or a leg that is no longer square for another reason, you can rebuild it using epoxy resin wood filler.

We love our little fur babies. We love them so much we can overlook the damage they sometimes cause. Dogs love to chew and they will chew anything from shoes to chewed tables and chairs.

Ideally, we hope that our pets don’t destroy our furniture, but if they decide that their raw hide bones aren’t good enough you might find that you need to repair table leg chewed by dog. Epoxy resin can fill the chew marks and it dries as hard as wood (harder if you believe the marketing materials) so you can sand and shape the leg so it matches the other legs. If you’re not planning to paint the table once complete make sure you pick up the resin that matches your table.

Epoxy resin smells like a perm so you’re going to want to make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. The video below will walk you through the steps for use.

[su_heading size=”20″]See How to Repair Table Leg in this tutorial:[/su_heading]

Epoxy is sticky and smelly but you can’t beat the results.  Once I completed the piece in the video the damage to the leg was no longer visible.

There are certainly other products on the market that can fill the tooth marks but no like Kwik Wood.

This repair is an easy DIY. If you’re nervous about trying to repair your own table leg don’t be. You can do it! If fluffy has left stains on your upholstery don’t forget to check out my DIY Upholstery cleaner. It works every time!

Comment below and let me know how your repair goes! I would love to know if you like the epoxy resin or if you have other products you prefer.