Unicorn Spit Project Thrift Store Frame Makeover

Unicorn Spit Project Thrift Store Frame Makeover

Unicorn Spit has so many beautiful bright colors that I’ve wanted a project to use it on. Time for a thrift store makeover on this frame!

Unicorn Spit Project

This is not my first attempt at using unicorn spit. I initially bought the Unicorn Spit to try on my YouTube Channel. That was almost two years ago now.

And since that project these three bottle have been sitting my shelf. Languishing, I think would be the correct term for what they’ve been doing.

I love the colors that the Unicorn Spit gel stain comes in. They are rich and vibrant, so that means as someone who is creating piece primarily for resale, I can’t use it. People don’t come to my shop looking for anything with a ton of color on it. I know because I tried. Believe me. My first unsuccessful year was because I had a die hart love of color and my customers do not.

But because I’m in the 100 Projects 100 Days challenge and I have also secretly challenged myself to use all my supplies before buying new (this doesn’t include things like staples, glue, and the things I routinely run out of only paints and specialty art supplies) I decided to see if one of my 100 projects could use Unicorn Spit.

This frame was purchased to use my IOD Moulds on and make it look fancy but a vibrant coat of paint might be just what tis project needs.

Let’s Start the Unicorn Spit Project

If you haven’t used Unicorn Spit before you want to make sure you have a plastic drop cloth to cover any surface you’re working on because Unicorn Spit is messy. It’s a gel stain but not really. So I’m advocating that even if you think you’re a neat painter, just put a plastic table cloth down, because why risk it?

After that, remove or protect anything from your project that you’re not intending to paint.

In my case, that means removing the frame back, the mat and the glass.

Remove the mat and glass

As you can see I’ve protected my surface with a pink plastic table cloth and this is a work surface that is covered in paint. That’s how messy this can get. Just so you don’t think I don’t practice what I preach.

Now, I decided to go for the whole swirling, tie-dye-esque finish that Unicorn Spit is known for.

If you’re not familiar with Unicorn Spit you can do a quick search on Pinterest and see all sorts of amazing pieces that people have created with different techniques. That vibrant swirls and the smell is what this product is known for. Though for me the smell is the worst part of the product. To me it smells like scented panty liners. I mean . . . why?

Anyway, for this technique you drop paint all around whatever project you’re working on.

apply the Unicorn Spit to your project

Then to keep the product wet while working the paint around you use a spray bottle and give the whole project a light mist.

mist with water

The next step is where it get messy folks! You need a piece of plastic that will cover your entire project.

Lucky for me, a sheet of kitchen plastic wrap that has also been languishing only in my kitchen cupboard for the last 26 years. It finally has a job since the one is was invented for, protecting my food, it’s can’t handle.

Then you use you fingers to press and move the Unicorn Spit around until it spreads out to cover the entire project.

move the paint around

When you’ve filled all the blank spots of your project with Unicorn Spit you then get to reveal your creation!

And it’s so pretty! The bright blues and purple is so amazing.

I tried and found a better way to move the paint around on a second project I haven’t yet completed. I want to share it with you because I feel like it was more effective.

On the project below I used a brush to spread the paint while holding the plastic in place. I think the paint moved easier and holding the plastic in place kept the Unicorn Spit from smearing and blended instead. Maybe that’s in my head but to my eye it’s better.

using a brush to smear Unicorn Spit

Take a look and decide for yourself. Going forward though I will be using the brush.

Blended Unicorn Spit

Either method that you choose one thing is for sure, the colors are really pretty.

Once the Unicorn Spit dries it will lose its luster. Don’t panic once you put a clear coat on to protect your project (which you absolutely must do) the bright colors will return.

And do they ever POP! When people talk about wanting a “pop” of color this is what they’re talking about.

Unicorn Spit Project Thrift store makeover after

I am still hoping to find a project that I can use Unicorn Spit on for the shop. I really like the colors and I keep thinking there has to be someone like me out there who would love to find a table in bold color.

If you’ve made it this far in the post do me a favor and save this post to Pinterest using the pin-able image below. I would be so grateful if you did!

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Do you think you’re going to try Unicorn Spit? Should I try a table? Just be brave and do it? Comment down below and let me know!

Many Blessings to You!


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  1. Just wanted to tell you that your frame turned out beautifully! I have used unicorn spit on a few projects and it’s a lot of fun! Just found this blog and you have a lot of great information!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for reaching out! I’m glad you found me. ? I hope you find a lot of new information and projects to try!

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