Styling a Vintage Inspired, Shabby Chic Bridal Shower! Don’t Miss The Bride Tree!

Styling a Vintage Inspired, Shabby Chic Bridal Shower! Don’t Miss The Bride Tree!
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This bridal shower was a labor of love. My nephew is getting married and his beautiful fiance requested a vintage inspired, shabby chic bridal shower.

Challenge accepted!

I adore that she loves vintage and wanted this as her theme. Showers are fun but a theme shower is SO much fun to put together.

Now, I get that being a vintage dealer I had a slight advantage. I hunted through my inventory for miss-matched china and other fun shabby chic accouterments (including a whole box of Ironstone from my Great, Great Grandmother I didn’t even know I had!) to make this a very special shower.

If you’re not a vintage dealer you can still pull together a bridal shower like this for very little money. You can ask family and friends for their vintage pieces to fill in what you don’t have and the thrift store are your best friend for budget vintage!

If you’re looking for something really special I always have bridal pieces in my Etsy shop.

This shower came complete with a bridal tree for gifts. Imagine one created from your mom’s or your grandmother’s dress. Or better yet both!

Join me and my junking buddy as we show you how we style an amazing event.

Oh! And don’t miss my Junking Buddy doing her best Liza Koshy impersonation!


I would love to hear about your plans for a vintage bridal shower! Please tell me all about it.

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