Painting Vinyl Furniture with Angelus Leather Paint

Painting Vinyl Furniture with Angelus Leather Paint

Many of you discovered this blog because of my Painted Leather boots post. They were painted using Angelus Leather paint and they turn out amazing. When I bought the paint I also picked up their “hard” additive that treats the paint so it can be used on plastics or vinyl.

Oh you know I’m going to use it on furniture! So many vinyl seats that are still in good condition but just need a quick update.

Sure some of them can be easily upholstered (like the chairs I’m painting today) but others are more in-depth upholstery jobs that I just can’t tackle. That’s why I have to know if this paint works!

Painting Vinyl Furniture

Two Vinyl Chairs

I decided to try painting vinyl chairs by tackling something small first. Enter these two cafe chairs I picked up at a thrift store for $9 each.

Yes, I could easily reupholster these two but since I don’t know if the Angelus Leather paint will work on vinyl I wanted to start with a manageable project. Just in case.

Angelus Leather Paint Gift box blue

For this makeover I decided to give these chair a gift box blue makeover. You know the gift box we’re talking about. If not here’s a hint (because we can’t say it).

Gift box on a table

That’s the one! I have an affinity for that color and that box (hint, hint to the hubby!).

angelus hard

To make the leather paint stick to vinyl you need to add Angelus Hard plastic adhesion promoter.

Mix 1 to 1

The directions state to mix 1 to 1 hardener and paint so after I poured the hardener into a baby food jar I poured my paint into the empty Hard bottle to make sure I was measuring the same amount.

mix paint and hardener

I used a dowel to mix the two as thoroughly as I possibly could to make sure they were combined. Once that it was done it was time to start painting vinyl furniture!

Painting Vinyl Furniture

The first coat laid down smooth. Angelus leather paint seems to be very high pigmented but I didn’t expect it to cover on the first coat. Going over a dark color with a lighter color usually doesn’t work that way. And I was right.

Painting Vinyl Furniture Second Coat

On the second coat I changed my brush direction. So on the first coat I went left to right and the next coat went up and down. This is a great method of filling in brush strokes and ensuring better coverage.

Painting Vinyl Furniture

In the end it took four coats of paint to cover the dark green, but it was so worth it! Look at them!

I’m in love.

Yes, I did try to crack the paint. I pressed on the seat cushions repeatedly and it didn’t crack. It doesn’t feel sticky AT ALL! I was surprised by that. The Angelus Leather Paint laid down so smooth you can’t tell it was painted at all. It’s 5 stars for me!

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4 thoughts on “Painting Vinyl Furniture with Angelus Leather Paint

  1. Your awesome, I loved the boots I can’t wait to find a job so I can buy the paints and find me a pair of boots? I repainted our tiki mask for our backyard and they turned out vibrant with the help of your product suggestions so Thankyou

    1. Hi Julie! I’m so glad I could help you with your Tiki project! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

  2. Hi, so first these turned out soooo cute! Second, I’m really curious did you use Angelus finishers or is this just the paint and hardener? If it’s just the paint I’m impressed and probably not going to add the finishers to my cart like I was planning.

    1. I did not. The chairs haven’t sold yet so they’ve been in the shop with people testing them out repeatedly and so far so good. For my daughter’s booths because of the wear and tear I did use their protectant.

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