My Chalk Paint is Too Thick! Now What?

My Chalk Paint is Too Thick! Now What?

Your chalk paint is too thick. What can you do about it?

We’ve all done it. Maybe you got a phone call that pulled you away from a project or you finished the project and just forgot to put the cap back on right away.  Whatever the reason you came back and your paint had just enough time to dry.  Now your chalk paint is too thick to paint with anymore.

UGH! That is so frustrating!

Chalk Paint is Too Thick
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Chalk and clay-based paints dry super fast.  They are literally drying right behind you while you paint.  It’s one of the best parts of this type of paint if you’re like me and trying to turn out as many projects as possible and eliminating the drying time is a great way to increase your turn over, but it’s a huge pain when you delay putting the cap back on and the paints gets thick.

Don’t panic!  

First, remember this is a water-based paint.  The only thing you need to thin this paint is a few drops of water. Whoa there cowgirl!  Don’t run for the faucet yet.

You need to understand there is a difference between thickened paint and dried paint.  If you’ve left it overnight uncapped you might be in need of a new jar of paint. Don’t think that water can work a miracle on something like that. But if your paint truly is just thick here’s what you need to do.  

Go to the Dollar Tree and purchase from them for a whopping $1 a metal whisk, or if you have a small one you don’t need any more then use that.  Then you will start with two or three drops at first. I’m not playing with you.  

You do not need a lot and if you make your paint too soupy then there’s no going back, so start small. Use your whisk to stir the paint thoroughly.  If you think you stirred enough. Stir some more. Then check your paint.  

Is it thin enough yet?

No? Then add two more drops and repeat the procedure above.  

Follow these steps until your paint is the consistency you want. Now if you failed to read the whole post before going to the faucet and dumping in a bunch of water and shaking the pot of paint, I can’t help you.  Once it’s too wet it will never properly incorporate again. I know because I’ve done it. And I couldn’t help myself either. Yep. I’m a dumba** sometimes.  There’s nothing I can do about it.

If you’ve discovered your chalk paint is yellowing check out my post here!

Comment below and let me know what other issues you’ve discovered with chalk paint. I can usually help!

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