How to Earn a Five Star Etsy Rating

How to Earn a Five Star Etsy Rating

Want to learn How to Earn a Five Star Etsy Rating? To be honest the bar for customer service is so low that it’s really not that difficult to earn a five star rating on Etsy.  Here are a few of my favorite tips to earn a five start review!

How to Earn A Five Star Etsy Rating

Ship Quickly

One of the biggest complaints I see about Etsy sellers is how long it takes for sellers to ship. I know. I know! If selling on Etsy is not your primary job and your busy with family and your life then getting an Etsy sale can drop lower on your priority scale.  I list my shipping time as 2-3 days on most orders. I shoot to actually get every order out within 24 hrs.  If I can’t get the order out in 24 hrs. for whatever reason them I make sure I don’t exceed the time I promised.

People are used to the speed of Amazon so not shipping as quick as you can will knock a star or two off your rating.

Be Honest

What ever you are listing handmade or vintage be honest about the quality of what you are listing.  In the vintage world if you’re listing something with damage it’s not unusual, but if you can the damage a flea bite, it better be a flea bite and not a gouge. Be as honest as you possible can.  Do not try to mislead them into thinking the item is better than it actually is.

Customers who feel like they’ve been cheated or lied to will not give you a five star rating.

Respond to Questions

If a customer sends you a question. Answer them. That seems like a no brainer but it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a problem. Some sellers I’ve talked to have nothing but complaining to do about the emails they receive.

To me if a customer reaches out by email they are genuinely interested in buying the product I’m offering, so why would I not be happy to answer the question?

Remember the Golden Rule & Be Extra Golden

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you want to do business with someone who is a pain in the behind? So why would anyone else?

Be nice. It’s that simple. Be nice. It’s not that hard. Even when you’re saying no to a customer request you can still say it in a nice way.

Ask for a Shop Review

Most customers will only leave feedback if they’re unhappy. That’s why you see so many negative reviews online.  They just need to let out their anger about a bad transaction. Most people who

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are happy with their order go on with their lives without a second thought to you or your shop.

So you have to ask. In every order I include hand written not that ends with, “If you’re happy with your order I am grateful for a shop review.” I’m sure that’s why I have more positive ratings than negative ratings on my Etsy shop.

Like I said the bar for customer service is really low out there. If you follow these tips it should help you bring your ratings up.  If you are looking for more information on promoting your Etsy shop this holiday season, don’t forget to check out promoting your Etsy shop on and offline!

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