Home Decor Thrift Flip Plant Pedestal

Home Decor Thrift Flip Plant Pedestal

It’s time for another Home Decor Thrift Flip! This time we’re tackling a cute little plant pedestal.

Pedestal Thrift Flip Before

Okay when I spotted this pedestal I knew I had to take it home. It’s so tragic with it’s faux moss and the black and silver highlights.

I think it must be so kind of prop for a play. I say that because it’s made from a foam. The top (below) was broken off so you could see that it seems like spray foam.

The top of the pedestal Thrift Flip

This thrift flip is going to be fun!

This Home Decor Thrift Flip is Going to Be Fun!

I could not wait to jump into this one. Mostly because I knew no one except someone like me who can see possibilities was going to take this thrift flip home with them.

The first thing I needed to address was the top. If I tried to paint over the foam the paint was going to soak in and possibly wreck the foam. Especially since I planned to use Zinsser BIN primer to make sure nothing blead through the paint.

Who know what they use to make that pedestal.

I decided to seal it with Martha Stewart Glossy Decoupage Glue because that’s what I had on hand. You can use Mod Podge Glossy if you want to save a few dollars.. Of course I forgot to take a photo of that. You can see a glimpse of how thick I coated it in the image below.

I gave it a thick coat to make sure the top was sealed including all the foam nooks and crannies.

Decoupage on the top

Once that was dry I covered the whole pedestal with Zinsser BIN primer that I had tinted gray. I had it left over from a client’s dresser project so I wanted to use it up. I knew the gray would be the perfect background color for this piece.

Primer Coat Home Decor Thrift Flip

You can tell by the primer pooling that the decoupage glue was doing the trick. Yay!

Gray base coat

I made sure to get the paint into all the divots in the pedestal.

White paint for this home decor thrift flip

Next it was time for the white paint. Ignoring the big chunk of paint caught in the bristles. I swear I didn’t see it when I took the picture. It’s triggering me too.

Let’s not talk about it anymore.

I didn’t saturate the brush because I wanted to do a dry brush technique. If you want to learn how to dry brush check out my YouTube tutorial.

Dry Brushing

I skimmed white over the whole surface and then I grabbed a detail brush because I wanted a concentration of white in the details. This will make sense in a second.

dark glaze

Next it was time for some dark glaze. That’s why I wanted the heavy concentration of white in the details because I wanted the glaze to be darker in those areas.

Sponging off the glaze

With a damp rag I sponged off the excess glaze.

Here’s How the Thrift Flip Turned Out!

Finished Thrift Flip

Ignore the fact that I don’t have a decent potted plant to put on top of this one. I had to borrow my daughter’s faux plant.

I think it turned out pretty good. I know I’m happier with how it looks now. The layers of colors give it a genuine stone look as opposed to the faux look I started with.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. This pedestal is headed for the shop.

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