Dry Brushing Using Up Leftover Paint

Dry Brushing Using Up Leftover Paint
Dry brushing use leftover paint
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Dry brushing is one of my favorite painting techniques. It’s fast. It’s easy. Best of all you can use this technique to use up all the little bits of paint you have left in the bottom of your cans!

Win! Win! Win!

How Easy?


To dry brush all you need to do is tap the bristles of your brush lightly into your paint can. As the name implies you want to make sure your brush is not wet. So don’t saturate the brush.

If you think you have too much paint on your brush just dab it off on a rag.

Brushing On Your Paint

Unlike other paint distressing techniques where you completely cover a piece and the take away what you don’t want, dry brushing is the opposite. Here you only want to hit the places you do want paint.

you want to use a light stoke to apply the paint. I usually describe it as a whisper touch. Lightly goes over the area until you are happy with the coverage.

paint will sit on the night spots of your project. If you’re working on a flat project it will give you a streaked paint kissed look. It’s a more rustic finish for chairs (especially great on farmhouse chairs) and spindle tables.

Once you’ve mastered dry brushing you will want to use it a lot for a fantastic look that can use up all those bits of leftover paint.

Show Me!

I know it’s hard to visualize some of these paint techniques from words on a page. I’ve created a video on my YouTube channel . You can watch the video below!