Drill Brush for Cleaning?

Drill Brush for Cleaning?

A drill brush for cleaning your home? Does it work? I bought one to try it and see if it would save me time and wear and tear on my back?

IF you’ve been following this blog for awhile then you know I love a good gadget. Especially one that works. I want to try any product that claims to make cleaning easier, faster, or just better because I HATE cleaning. No, I didn’t say I don’t like cleaning it’s a passionate HATE for me. Maybe because I’m the only one in my house that cleans. The hubby and the kid will pick up a mess but when it comes to deep down cleaning they are no where to be seen.

So a few years ago I was rear-ended in a car accident. It made my back hurt really bad. I’m told I have a degenerative disc that was finally done in when I was hit. Unfortunately because of my disc problem I can’t scrub anything that requires me to bend at the waste very well anymore.

That means things like my bathtub and my floors get a light cleaning but not the scrubbing I prefer they get. I have repeatedly asked my family to scrub the floors and the tubs for me. To date I have not seen anyone do it.

I am Cleaning

Okay, before someone hops on my comments and says get a WetJet or other similar products I do have one. It’s how I’m “cleaning” my floors. Is it just me who feels like this type of mop can’t quite get up to the edges under the counters?

Maybe it’s psychological because I’ve always scrubbed my floors on my hands and knees. It could be that the floors are just fine. I just feel better when they’re scrubbed.

What Can I Clean with A Drill Brush?

Just about anything from Upholstery, carpeting, to your shower, to the grill can be cleaned using the proper drill brush. The manufacturer that makes the brush I purchased (this one here) makes several different brushes for different cleaning purposes. Below is the chart they use to determine which brush to buy.

drill brushes for cleaning

They sell a complete set of all their drill brushes for cleaning different surfaces in a set for less than $25. I have already placed an order for mine!

The one I initially bought however was the Yellow medium bristle brush for tubs and showers. Because there’s really nothing could help me scrub the shower enclosure.

Drill Brush Cleaning Kit Came With

Drill Brush Cleaning Kit Came With

The kit I ordered came with three different brushes and most importantly and extension rod for my drill. I wanted to make sure my kit had the extension since what I wanted was to be able to scrub the floors and tub without bending at the waist. I wanted to be able to sit on a stool and scrub. This exnsion allows me to do just that.

The large round brush is what I will use to scrub under my cupboards, the small brush is great for getting into tight areas like around the toilet seat hinges. The large flat brush is what I decided to use to scrub my tub surround.

Do Drill Brushes Fit Any Drill?

These brushes are designed to be used with a cordless drill, NOT a corded drill. That should be obvious. You don’t want to use any appliance that plugs in near water.

If you don’t own a cordless drill you can pick up a this BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver, 3/8-Inch on Amazon inexpensively. It’s a good entry level cordless drill that was my first cordless drill. I still keep it on back up for when the battery on my other drill runs out of juice.

It’s made for a minimum 1/4 inch drill chuck so you should be able to tighten most chucks down to this size.

Time to Use My Drill Brush for Cleaning the Tub!

I cannot understate how excited I was when the package with my drill brush arrived. I can’t believe I got excited about cleaning either but I did! After all there was a power tool involved.

My toes were curling from the anticipation.

I even left my bathtub dirty after giving the dog a bath so that I could put this drill brush through it’s paces. It’s gross I know but no one else was home that weekend so I could let the dirt dry on the tub and use one of the other bathrooms until I tried out the brushes.

As an added bonus my daughter had used temporary hair dye that stained the tub pink. I was thrilled to find that surprise.

The dirty bathtub

I sprayed the tub with cleaner and let it soak for a few minutes. Yes, I know how nasty the picture above looks. Try to remember I bathed a very muddy dog in there and didn’t rinse all the dirt away because I wanted to really test out the drill brush.

drill brush for cleaning

After a few minutes of letting the cleaner sit on the surface it was time to scrub. The weight of the drill was all that was needed to power scrub the surface. With the extension piece I was able to sit on the toilet and scrub so my back wasn’t screaming in agony.

Of course I forgot to to take an after photo but it works! I went on a cleaning tear around the house and scrubbed my floors (from a stool!), and my kitchen sink using the small brush attachment. I did all the bathrooms from stem to stern.

It was so nice to be able to get that fresh scrubbed clean without hurting my hands or my back.

The only thing that I will warn people interested in this brush about is wear goggles when you’re using this on a vertical surface like the shower walls. That brush was slinging soap all over the place, especially on the extension rod. When I used the small brush directly attached to the drill there was very little soap slinging.

So happy I picked up this drill brush. I’ve now ordered the full kit because I have a few carpets and other areas I want to give a good scrubbing too!

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Drill brush for cleaning