DIY Easter Eggs Decorating with Decoupage!

DIY Easter Eggs Decorating with Decoupage!

Looking for a new way to decorate your Easter eggs? Try DIY Easter eggs decoupaged with vintage Easter images.

Every year months before each holiday I have to start crafting so that I have pieces to decorate and sell in the booth.  Easter is no different.

Usually I just paint the eggs in the latest preferred color scheme for that year’s Easter. This year I wanted to do something a little different since last year it seemed more of my fellow vendors were doing the same and charging less than I was (typical).

This year I wanted to try using an image transfer medium to add vintage Easter clip art to my eggs. Then embellish them with glitter and ribbons to make mine look a little different from everyone else’s.

DIY Easter Eggs Start With Paint

DIY Easter Eggs Need Painting

I start all my eggs with paint. Since I use plastic eggs I can use any type of paint one them. The blue and purple eggs above are latex wall paint and the green and orange are chalk paint, but you can you any paint you have one hand.

If you want to use the same time of eggs they are available for less than 50 cents each from Amazon HERE. I participate in the Amazon affiliate program so I will make a little money if you buy from this link but it won’t cost you any extra. If you do make a purchase I am thankful to you for supporting my blog!

Country Chic Transfer Medium

I have never used this type of transfer medium before.  I’ve used clear coat and water slide transfers but Country Chic was new to me.

Country Chic Transfer Medium

I followed the instructions on their website but still managed to really mess it up. I rubbed the face off my cute little Easter duck. Seriously look at the pitiful little duck. I’m sad because she was adorable.

I finally admitted defeat and decided that image transfer is not a skill I possess.

Faceless duck

Plan B . . . Decoupage!

Life is all about how well you adjust, pivot and move forward.  So I scrubbed off the remainder of the image, Sanded to the glue away and touched up the paint.

While the paint was drying I cut a new image to use on the eggs, another adorable little duck.

I used Mod Podge Matte to attach the duck and his bunny friend to the eggs.  I prefer the matte decoupage but you can use what you have on hand or you can make your own decoupage glue.

tacky glue on the egg

Once the glue was dry I used Tacky glue and dotted areas that I wanted to add glitter.  Now you might have seen my post about how to glitter like a pro which has an altogether different way of applying glitter. I’m not following that method on this project because I wanted a more precise positioning of the glitter. This time I used a brush for the glue and dumped glitter on.

Yes, it made a huge mess. I’m still a little sparkly in places.

Once they were dry I covered them with a protective clear coat.

DIY Easter Eggs

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to embellish them a little more. I might add some ribbon or rick rack to jazz them up a little. I don’t know I’ll have to look at them for a little while.

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What’s Your Favorite Easter Decoration?

Do you have a favorite family Easter decoration? A favorite memory of Easter Crafting? I would love if you shared your memories with me in the comments below.

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Many Blessings To You!