DIY Decoupage Glue

DIY Decoupage Glue
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I love a good decoupage project! Unfortunately I frequently run out of decoupage glue and the nearest craft or Target store is a 20 minute drive away. When it’s cold in Minnesota and I want to spend the day cozy and crafting I don’t want to make the drive. Lucky for me my Daughter has an endearing love for slime so my home is stocked with PVA (aka Elmer’s) glue at all times. So is a DIY Decoupage Glue made from school glue as good as Mod Podge?

Let’s find out!

Here’s what you’ll need for DIY Decoupage Glue:

  • PVA Glue (this is just white school glue – Elmer’s or whatever brand you have on hand)
  • A Bottle or jar
  • Water

Mix it!

The ratio for mixing the water and glue is 1 to 1. If you use a cup of glue you need a cup of water. If you use a half a cup of glue you need half a cup of water. 1 Tablespoon of glue to 1 Tablespoon of water.

Add glue

You get it. Equal parts of each.

add water
Add Water

If you use a full bottle of glue you can make the measuring easier but putting the water in the glue bottle. Then your ratio should be correct and your bottle will be clean and ready for recycling.

Use the bottle to measure
Use the Bottle to Measure

Shake it!

Okay you don’t have to shake it if your container doesn’t have a lid. Mix it well in some way.  My container has a lid so I shook it up until the water and glue were well combined.

Shake the mixture
Shake It Up!

Time to Decoupage

I had a damaged foam mannequin head that received a paint job to cover most of her ills. They are amazing for displaying hats in the shop so I like to have a few on hand but not in this condition. It needs to be prettier.  That’s why I chose to decoupage this one with Peonies (stay on brand people!). There’s an adorable white fascinator that is going to look great once this is done!

Before Decoupage

To apply the DIY Decoupage Glue I’m using a small art brush.  You can use a foam brush or a larger brush if you wish. It sure would have been faster to use a larger brush but then I would have had to dirty a dish and I’m too lazy to do that!

Brush the glue (liberally) onto the surface of your project.

Brush on the glue
Brush On The Glue!

Apply the paper and then brush a coat of the glue on top of the paper. Use the brush to press the paper into the cracks and crevasses.

Lay Paper over the glue and use the brush to press it in
Press the Paper Down

It does the job!

Finished Project for diy decoupage glue
Finished project

Not going to lie she is a little creepy. I didn’t take into consideration how the flowers would look covering her mouth and eyes so I don’t know if this will stay covered in flowers. However the homemade decoupage glue worked perfectly! Pin this post so you’ll have it later when you need it!

I also used this paper on my Decoupage Pumpkins which was much cuter. You can see those results here!

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Decoupage without Wrinkles or Bubbles

Many blessings to you all!