Glitter Like A Pro

Glitter Like A Pro

How to Cover Something in Glitter Without Making a Mess.

I have a love-hate relationship with glitter. On the one hand, I love all things sparkly and that includes glitter, especially glass glitter and micro-fine glitter. I hate the mess that comes with micro-fine Metal Flake floating around my projects. It sticks to my face, my hands. It gets in my eyes. Lucky for me. There’s a solution to the problem associated with glitter and it works for covering an entire project, stenciling, and even creating fine glitter lines.

Here’s what you’ll need. Start with a project you want to use glitter on. Mine was this old plastic Deer Head Ornamentdeer head ornament and then decide on your glitter for me. It’s the micro-fine, gold glitter. Then grab some Mod PoGlitter In A Pandge. I used a small tube of the Matte Finish Mod Podge from the dollar tree. You will need a disposable dish of some kind.

I used a mini bread pan that I had in my pantry, but a paper bowl works equally well. Then mix your glitter with the MOD podge in a Mod Podge And Glitterthree to one ratio. Three parts glitter to one part mod podge. Mix them together until there’s no loose glitter.

Then use a brush, preferably a disposable sponge brush to apply to your project in a heavy coat. As your project dries, you’ll be able to see if you need to add a second coat. Believe me, it will be obvious if you’re missing any spots,

To use this process with a stencil, you will need to use an adhesive stencil, which I have cut by my husband using sandblast mask. But you can accomplish the same thing using vinyl and a Cricut cutter. This way, there is no glitter. There will be no glitter sneaking under the adhesive. If Glue does get under the stencil it will dry clear so you won’t notice it anyway.

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If you want to decorate fine lines, treat it like frosting. Use a sandwich bag like a piping bag, and cut a hole small enough not to make a huge mess, but large enough for your glitter to not get clogged. Then pipe away. This process will not work on a vertical surface. Sorry. It can work on things like Christmas ornaments or other round items. If you work in small sections, then use a section of tube to hold the ornament, like a toilet paper roll until it dries, and then do another section after the first section dries. Working your way around the project. The glitter stays where you want it without the headache of glitter everywhere.

The possibilities for sparkles are endless. You might start to go a little overboard. Don’t blame me. You’ve been warned glitter on.

If you want to see how this process turns out, watch the video below!

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