Decoupage Without Wrinkles or Bubbles

Decoupage Without Wrinkles or Bubbles

Wrinkles and bubbles in your decoupage are so frustrating! So how do you decoupage without wrinkles or bubbles? Here’s how!

Yes, I am a fan of decoupage. It’s a fantastic way to add detail to your projects that you couldn’t get with a stencil or by hand unless you are an incredible artist. If you are then I’m jealous.

The only part I don’t like is struggling with decoupage wrinkles and bubbles. Of course I went hunting for a way to lay down my decoupage without wrinkles.

The Project

Before the decoupage

I have had this box in my project pile for WAY too long. I think it’s been in the pile for four years or close to that. It’s just a box so why should it take so long for me to complete?

I wanted to find something to fill in the oval on the top of the lid. I kept waiting for something to speak to me and tell me what should go there. Nothing ever spoke to me.

Then I started the 100 projects 100 day challenge and I had to make some choices. So I decided to used DCWV Project Paper that I have also had for way too long. It’s a beautiful floral that they don’t seem to make anymore called Desert Floral but they do make an equally lovely paper called Floral Geo if you want a similar project paper. They’re perfect for covering a drawer front without having to worry about matching seams.

Decoupage Without Wrinkles

You will first want to prep your project. For mine I needed to sand it (there was glue everywhere from a repair) and give it a nice coat of off white paint that matched the flowers in my project paper.

paint your project

Then I let it dry. I will say I should have let it dry longer. You will find out why in a little bit. Maybe give yours a chance to dry overnight.

Coat with Decoupage Glue

Next coat the area with a thick, even coat of Mod Podge. Once you’ve completely covered the area you are going to decoupage, allow the Mod Podge to dry.

Wait. What? Did I say let it dry? Yes I did!

This method requires the glue to be completely dry. Which is awesome especially if you are try to work in a confined area like the oval on my project. It allows me to make certain the paper is positioned correctly before taking it in place.

place your decoupage paper

Ensure your paper is where you want it to be.

Lay Down Parchment Paper

Cover the paper with a layer of parchment paper.

Iron the paper in place

Use an iron set to high heat and iron your paper in place. Please be very careful to not burn your hands.

remove the parchment

It won’t take too many passes to activate the glue and stick the paper down. Remove the parchment paper and see the wrinkle free results! This is when I realized that I had not allowed my paint to dry long enough. Two sections of the paint bubbled up and stuck to my parchment paper.

Live and learn!

Once you’re done wait for the surface to cool completely and then you can clear coat the surface. Just use thin layers or you might have bubbles appear.

Finished Decoupage without wrinkles

Ignoring the fact that there’s a paint brush holding the lid open, I am thrilled with how this piece turned out! The brush is only there to ensure that as the paint dries the lid doesn’t get permanently sealed shut.

The box is a plain Jane no longer! She is gorgeous and ready to be tagged and put in the shop.

I love using this method to add pretty paper to the insides of drawers and cover flat surfaces. When I jump into a project and forget this trick, I always regret it.

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If you want to see a video of the entire process click the video link below!