Dollar Tree Pumpkin DIY 3 Ways – Fall Crafts

Dollar Tree Pumpkin DIY 3 Ways – Fall Crafts
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A Dollar Tree pumpkin is a fantastic fall DIY that are a cheap and easy way to give you’re home a custom fall decor!

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Tree! Where else can you find so man amazing things to craft with for $1?

For the past few years I have purchased their fall pumpkins not because they’re beautiful the way they are because let’s face it they are not! And even though they claim these pumpkins are carve-able I wouldn’t attempt it. They tend to fall apart easily even when cleaning up the seams.

There are a other possibilities though!

Paint Your Pumpkins!

We’ll start with the easiest and fastest way to change up these pumpkins. A quick paint job will make them look 100% better than they do straight out of the dollar store.  I used chalk paint on mine to give them a soft muted look.Painted Pumpkins

You can certainly use acrylic paint (also available at the dollar tree) or other water based paints in any color you choose.  If you participate in the teal pumpkin program then by all means paint your pumpkin teal!

You can paint a spooky face on the pumpkin or a pattern. Get as crafty as you want!

Decoupage Pumpkins

Napkin DecoupageThis is one of my go to DIYs for these Dollar Tree Pumpkins. I love that I can use left over wrapping paper, napkins (see my napkin decoupage tutorial here), book pages, or even old sheet music. The results are beautiful.

I recommend base coating your pumpkins with paint so the orange doesn’t show through (that orange is so bright!). Unless the orange works for your decoupage project.

For this pumpkin I used the leaf pattern from my napkin to cover the stem that came on the pumpkin, but in the past I’ve used cinnamon sticks and sticks from the yard to create more natural looking pumpkin stems.  For this one though I think covering it in the same paper worked.

Jute Wrapped Pumpkins!

I love a nice jute twine wrapped around pretty much anything.  A jar, a vase, whatever you have it looks great! It even gives these Dollar Tree pumpkins a more sophisticated look.Jute Twine Pumpkins

Yes, they sell jute twine at the Dollar Tree in a 3 pack that includes a green spool, which is perfect for the stem! Glue the string in place and your off to the races. For mine I used Mod Podge to adhere the twine and give it a seal coat when I wad done.

If you have small spaces that need to be filled in unwind the twine and use the small threads to push between the cracks.

The twine pumpkin took the longest out of all three projects so if this is the one you want to tackle put on a movie marathon and make sure you’re in a comfortable chair.  Cutting all the strings to size and them holding them until the glue grabbed hold took about 5 hours.  Fair warning!

Here’s how the pumpkins turned out!

Finished Dollar Tree Pumpkins DIY

These are only three ways to make over these delightful little pumpkins but I’m sure there are thousands more! Share your ideas below for how you’re going to tackle a Dollar Tree Pumpkin DIY. Looking for more easy DIY’s to try this fall?  Try a thrift store makeover this this adorable jewelry box!

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