Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space

Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space
Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space
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Finally after months of being cooped up inside the weather’s turned nice, the leaves are green, and the flowers are budding. That means it’s time to get outside!  If you’re ready to revamp  your outdoor living space here are a few tips to get you started. Let’s decorate your outdoor living space!

Patios  and decks are a wonderful way to extend your living space. A few years ago for our anniversary and my husband gave me the patio I had always wanted. It was large enough to have family and friends over and be comfortable, but then I found myself trying to figure out how to decorate what is essentially a room with no walls. This was a huge struggle for me. We live on acreage so my patio opened up onto 5 acres of land. And while I love an open concept this was just way too open. It was difficult to know where to start.

Create Rooms

Creating rooms is a great way to start. Well, not really rooms but sections. The same way you section off an open concept floor plan you can section off your outdoor space. Create a place for your barbecue if you want a cooking place, a seating area and even an entertainment place.

Embrace Bold Colors

While your house might be a wash of neutral colors outside you can play with vibrant hues you might shy away from inside (not me I love color inside but you do you). Outside you are trying to keep up with a color master. . . Mother Nature herself!  Go ahead and buy those purple or teal cushions or grab them both. Outside you pretty much have cart blanch to use all the colors you want without fear.

Inside Out

Why not put a sofa outside? Lately I’ve seen some of The most adorable outdoor couches tables and chairs. Adding the something like this to your Space can bring it up a notch. If you don’t want to invest and pricier composite materials why not reupholster an old chair and outdoor fabric and seal the wood with the spar varnish to make it durable enough to sit on the patio for a season or two.

Get Creative

As I suggested in the tip above, if you don’t have the money to buy new patio furniture then it’s time to get creative. An old side table covered in a spar varnish will work perfectly on a patio and will be water resistant. You will still want to bring it in in the winter but I bring my patio furniture into the shed in the winter anyway. You can even revarnish a kitchen table and chairs if you have an old set hanging around somewhere. If your budget is really tight keep your eye on the craigslist free listings. You never know what you’re going to find there.


Head to a garage sale, thrift store, or doll are store and pick up some inexpensive accessories. Find a large ugly statue and give it a new funky paint job to add some visual interest to your space. Lik

Mid century ice bucket and glasses
Perfect for cocktails on the patio!

e bold colors outside your garden and patio is the perfect place to let your quirky side out. I always pick up inexpensive items from the thrift store and give them a paint job to sit on my patio. I never leave them out for more than one season so it doesn’t break my heart if they get broken or damaged in the storm. For me it’s fun to have things I wouldn’t ordinarily by or put in my house but I think you’re cute or funny. If you’re thinking oh no way would I do that that’s fine you do you. Just don’t forget to have accessories to add a little life to your space.

I New A Place for My Drink

This next tip might just be me. One of my pet peeve’s is going out to someone’s house to sit on the patio or deck and there’s nowhere for me to set my drink down. Think of the space like you would your living room. If you’re planning to have company over and have them eat or drink on your deck or patio make sure they have a place to rest their glass or plate. I mounted a wooden plate on a large wooden candle stick and covered it in outdoor paint so I could set it next to a chair. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Extend Your Season

If your budget allows, consider adding a heat source to your patio or deck. This can be something as expensive as a gas patio heater, or as inexpensive as a DIY $4 fire pit. I have a Chiminea on my patio and I’m so glad I do. Living in Minnesota means my summers are short, the Spring is cold and so is the Fall. Having that Chiminea allows me to spend extra time outside before I have to coop myself up for winter again.

Do you have a favorite tip for creating an outdoor space? If so comment down below and share with us.

Many blessings to you!