DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

This is a project I’ve been hoping to get to this beaded christmas tree project for a long time. Think years.

I find these paper cones at garage sales and thrift stores all the time. I usually get them for less than $1 and every time I do a new “Christmas Tree” idea pops into my head. Always in the back of my mind though I had wanted to do either a vintage jewelry tree or a beaded tree using some broken vintage necklaces I had.

That’s one of the advantages of selling vintage items. There’s plenty of broken pieces on hand when crafting time rolls around.

The only thing preventing me from creating either a jewelry or beaded tree was time. These projects take HOURS. And if you think you can kinda estimate the time you think you’ll need double it, and then you’ll be getting closer.

Let’s Bead a Christmas Tree!

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was base coat the cone so that if there were areas showing through the spaces of the beads it would be pretty spaces. I chose rose gold acrylic paint from Deco paints. Since my beads were shades of pink I thought the rose gold would accent it nicely and add to the shine of this tree.

Beaded Christmas tree base-coated in Rose Gold

I cut the vintage necklace apart. Please keep in mind this is a costume piece and it was already broken so I’m giving it a new life. Yes, I feel a little bad about cutting it up but it wasn’t going to be used as a necklace anymore.

Time to Glue

The next step was to gather more glue sticks than is probably healthy and get to work gluing. Since the beads were graduated in size I decided to stagger the placement. Beads of similar size were placed directly opposite one another to balance out the placement. I did this all the way around the base of the tree.

Beaded Christmas Glue the first beads

I started with the base because I wanted the tree to sit flat on a surface so when I glued each bead in place I set the cone down to ensure the bead didn’t go over the edge of the base. Placing each bead and setting it down to cool was the only way to ensure all the beads were in the right place on the bottom because of the size differences.  I put parchment paper on the table to be sure my tree didn’t stick to the tabletop.

Randomly placing the beads on the Christmas Tree

After the first ring was done, I randomized the placement of beads all over the tree. I didn’t want a spiral pattern or straight lines on my tree and it’s a good thing because I ran out of beads from the necklace fast. Had I been going around the tree in a straight line I would have run out halfway up the tree and the project would have been ruined.

The face of a woman who realizes there's not enough beads

Above is the face of of a woman who is realizing she doesn’t have enough beads. She is questioning all her life choices.

Because I used the random pattern even though I ran out of the necklace beads I was able to save the project.

Cutting the chandelier beads off

Chandelier Parts to the Rescue!

A few years back I picked up a chandelier that someone had used crystal beads to replace the chandelier crystals. It looked awful. I stripped all the beads and hung actual chandelier crystals and the the light fixture sold in the shop.

But because I don’t throw anything away I still had all the round crystal beads in assorted sizes. And I mean a lot of them. A LOT.

I cut the beads off the metal hooks they were on and got to work with more gluing!

glue glue and more glue

Finishing Touches on The Beaded Christmas Tree!

As an added bonus, the chandelier had several crystals on the ends that looked like snowflakes. At least in my eyes they’re perfect tree topping star!

Finished beaded Christmas tree

I’m quite happy with how this tree turned out. It was so sparkly and pretty. I know I’m probably biased. But the tree went to the shop and sold the first day of the November sale. I think I did a pretty good job.

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