5 Products I Can’t Live Without – Vintage Reselling

5 Products I Can’t Live Without – Vintage Reselling

We all know I have a Junkin Survival kit for when I’m on the road but what do I need to survive vintage reselling? Here are 5 products I can’t live without when I get home with those amazing treasures!

5 Products I Cant’ Live Without When Reselling!

There are so many products I use on a day to day basis to flip furniture and sell my treasures. This list is the bare minimum I need to get the rusty treasures in tip top shape before I offer them for sale.

I know there are plenty of antique dealers and other resellers who don’t bother to clean anything before putting it in their booths. After watching customers pick up an item, then make a face, set it back down and then check their hand for dirt before walking away, I’ve learned that people want clean.

Can you blame them? If they wanted to deal with sticky and dirty things they would just go hunting for their own dirty treasures. When they go into a shop they want a more curated and clean experience.

Here are the top five items I use. Like I said there are so many other products but these are ones I CANNOT run out of:

  1. EvapoRust  – if you’re on my social media channels (and you should be!) you may have seen the video I did about EvapoRust. If not, I’ll post it below. This stuff will rescue everything from rusty glass to a rust crusted lantern. And everything in between! Even when I’ve thought there is no way somehow EvapoRust can save pieces!
  2. Un-Du – I’ve written about Un-Du before and my love for this product has not waned at all. This stuff will remove those pesky price tags from even the most delicate surfaces (even paper!) Un-Du has saved me from destroying so many pieces that have stubborn adhesive stickers on them. I can’t say enough good things!
  3. Goo Gone – Speaking of adhesives! The residue that some leave behind is no match for Goo Gone! Even those mystery sticky pieces you find can be de-stickified with Goo Gone!
  4. WD40 – Oh my gosh! Whenever I think something is completely frozen in place like old flower misters, or sheers a spritz of WD40 and they’re working again! Recently I bought and old scale and it wouldn’t budge. I stuck the nozzle in top and sprayed. After a few seconds the scale was working and weighing perfectly! It went from “as is” to “works perfectly” which is a big difference in price!
  5. Retro Clean – there are so many quilts and table linens that I have picked up that once had stains on them. The reset had that nasty yellowing that comes from starch and age. Thanks to a soak in Retro Clean the stains are long gone. Even the 60 year old perspiration stains on this wedding dress were not match for Retro Clean! It’s gentle on vintage and tough on stains!

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That’s the top 5 products I can’t live without! There are more and I’m happy to share them with you if you’re interested.

What do I need to survive vintage reselling? Here are 5 products I can’t live without when I get home with those amazing treasures!

4 thoughts on “5 Products I Can’t Live Without – Vintage Reselling

  1. These are great suggestions and I would love to see more of your favorite products in a future blog. Maybe you could put a list of your favorite power tools as well. I’m just starting my journey reselling vintage items and painting furniture so I’m just starting to slowly purchase what I need.

    1. I’m on it! I will put together a basics and advanced list. Thanks for the idea Katie!

      1. You’ve almost got me ready to do this when I retire in a couple of years. I’ll have plenty of time and I know how to do most of the refinishing. What I don’t know I can go to your YT channel or this website and figure it out!
        I had not heard about the rust removal, got to pick up a can of that shortly!

        1. The pieces you’ve showed me are fantastic! You’ll do great. I’m here for you when you have questions!

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