Top 10 Things You Need For Your Junking Survival Kit

Top 10 Things You Need For Your Junking Survival Kit

Never go junking without me or a well-stocked junking survival kit!

In all seriousness a junking survival kit is a must.  Being a vintage seller means that you are hunting in dark, dirty, cold places.  There are a few things that I have to take with me when I go out looking for treasures.

I’m sure if you’ve been hunting for awhile then this list will seem basic to you, but if you want to get started as a vintage seller or an upcycler, then you should definitely at least consider the items on my list.

Some of the items are for safety and some are for making sure you don’t get screwed when you’re out looking for treasures.

Check out the Top 10 things I think you need if you want to be a professional junker.

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