Using Retro Clean to Clean Yellowed Vintage Clothing

Using Retro Clean to Clean Yellowed Vintage Clothing

If you’re not using Retro Clean on your vintage linens you are making a huge mistake.

What is Retro Clean?

using retro clean // getting mildew out of clothes // how to get out stains // remove stains // stains out of // how to remove stains // how to remove stains from clothes // sweat stains out of clothesIt’s magic. No, not really it just works like magic.

What it is is a eco-safe, biodegradable laundry stain remover. Retro Clean does NOT use optical brighteners. It removes tough stains, including yellow and brown age stains, as well as stains from water, smoke, mold coffee, wine, blood, nicotine, babies, pets, and perspiration from all washable vintage fabrics.

How Do You Remove Stains From Vintage Linens using Retro Clean?

The label says one soak and it’s gone and that’s pretty much true. Though depending on the age you might need to soak it for a couple days.  For example on a damask table cloth I had the soak was overnight and the table cloth I THOUGHT was cream turned snowy white.

For the 1960’s wedding dress in the video below, the 60 year-old perspiration stains took 72 hours of soaking to completely disappear. Even so I wasn’t sure they would come out at all so the extra long soak was worth every extra hour of soaking.

How Well Does Retro Clean Work?

Really well!

I can tell you all day long that it works but I can’t change your mind with words. You have to see the results. That’s why I took before and after photos to SHOW you how well it works. Here are the photos of the 1960’s wedding gown that was rescued by Retro Clean!

Here is the dress before and after. You can see the dress is brighter and no longer yellowed.

Retro Clean 1960's Wedding Dress
Before and after

Probably the most impressive change is the the 60-year-old perspiration stains that are gone!

60 year old sweat stains removed with Retro Clean
60 year old sweat stains removed with Retro Clean

On the back was a little rust and something pink I think might have been makeup.

Stains on the back
Stains on the back

And then there’s the Yellowing. It was everywhere on this gown but I took the close ups below.

Removing Yellowing on Vintage Fabric with Retro Clean
Removing Yellowing on Vintage Fabric with Retro Clean

Watch the video below to see the whole process. If you’re a fashionista looking for more blog posts don’t miss my post on using Angelus Leather paints to upcycle old shoes!

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