5 Easy Steps to Create No Sew Fabric Hearts with Scrap Materials

5 Easy Steps to Create No Sew Fabric Hearts with Scrap Materials

No sew fabric hearts are the perfect project for using up scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, and batting that you may have laying around your home. If you’re like me you can’t part with pretty piece of fabric and lace no matter how small they are. If you’ve seen my YouTube projects then you’ve seen me cut pieces off and set them aside. Because I’m always sure I’ll find something to do with them.

Fabric hearts are a fun and easy way to add a touch of handmade charm to your space or in my case to fill bowls in my booth, it’s also a sustainable option for repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste. With just a few simple supplies and minimal effort, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and unique decoration that will bring joy to your home. So gather your materials and let’s get started!

Let’s Make No Sew Fabric Hearts!

First, choose the fabric that you want to use for your hearts. I had this tiny bit of toile left from an upholstery project. Too small for any project but a pillow. You can use a variety of different fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or felt, or mix and match to create a unique look. Just make sure you have a piece big enough to cut two pieces – one for the front and one for the back.

Cut Out No Sew Fabric Hearts

Next, use a template pinned to the fabric doubled over (you can cut them freehand if you’re braver than I am) and cut them out with pinking shears. Pinking shears have zigzag blades that help to prevent the fabric from fraying, so they are a great tool to use for this project. If you don’t have pinking shears, you can use regular scissors and seal the edges with fabric glue or Fray Check.

Use decoupage fabric glue to attach the two pieces. I used Martha Stewart brand which they don’t seem to make anymore but Mod Podge has an excellent alternative. Use fabric glue to attach the two pieces together, leaving a small opening at the top or side for stuffing.

Use batting to stuff the hearts until they are full. I used pieces from a huge bag of batting offcuts that I may or may not be hoarding. You can also use small pieces of fabric or other materials if you prefer. Just something to plum up the little pillows.

Glue and embellish the fabric hearts

Once the hearts are stuffed, use the fabric glue to seal the opening shut. You can see I used clamps and gator clips to keep the shape in the correct position. The stuffing pulls the shape away from the edges so you will have to have some way to hold them in place.

Now is the fun part! Time to add embellishments such as ribbon, lace, or buttons to personalize your hearts and give them a unique touch. Go crazy and make them as ornate as you want. Since I’m selling mine I decided to make them simple. A touch of lace, some buttons and to give some of them vintage flare I used broken pieces of vintage jewlery.

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily create no sew fabric hearts using scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, and batting. This is a fun and sustainable project that is perfect for all skill levels. It’s a charming valentines give too!

Fabric Heart

Fun, Simple, and profitable!

Me holding the no sew fabric hearts

You can tell by my smile above that I love these adorable little hearts. I’ve already added them to my vintage booth with a $9 price tag for the large and $5 for the smalls. Not bad for some scraps and a few hours of my time.

Watch the video tutorial below:

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