12 Ways to Find Yard Sales in Your Area

12 Ways to Find Yard Sales in Your Area
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As a reseller my business lives and dies by the amount of inventory I can locate at bargain basement prices. That’s why I’ve become an expert on how to find garage sales wherever I am. Here are 12 ways to find yard sales in your area!

Regardless if you call them yard sales, tag sales, or garage sales they all have one thing in common the need to bring customers to their door! So where do you go to find these sales? Start with these:

Newspapers Garage Sale Listings

Newspapers classified ads used to be the ONLY place to go to find garage sales in your area. They are still a valuable resource.  I usually forego the larger metro papers in favor of community papers for the area that I’m in at the time. These are usually less expensive than the large metro papers.


Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Every community (or most of them) has a garage sale listing site. Some people directly sell items they want to get rid of on these sites and it’s a fantastic way to find furniture for flipping, but you can also find listings for garage sales, yard sales and tag sales in the area.  If you know that you’ll be visiting a new area be sure to check these groups to find up to date information about sales.

Craigs List

Most people know that craigslist is one of best places online to find garage sale listings in your area or areas you might be visiting. Listing on their website is free and easy so most people having a Yard Sale Imagegarage sale can figure out how to create a listing.

Garage Sale Finder

Another great resource! When I’m out picking or if I’m visiting an area I’m unfamiliar with I will check Garage Sale Finder to see if there are any sales I don’t want to miss near by.

Community Bulletin Boards and Websites

If you’re looking for all city sales, and you do if you’re looking to start a resale career, then you need to look at community websites and bulletin boards.  For my area I did a quick search for city wide garage sales in Minnesota and came up with a bunch of communities that have sales.  It’s a great way to maximize your time.  Don’t forget to check church bulletin’s as well because I really good church sale is awesome!


Put in your zipcode and you’ll get a bunch of listings.  My only pet peeve with this site is the lack of photos.  Whenever I look at listings it just a description. I don’t know if they charge people for photos in their listings and that’s why people opt not to use them but I like pictures.


This site looks a lot like Gsalr when you get into it.  Both sites are loaded with ads but this one at least has more pictures.  You don’t need to put in your zipcode if you’re staying in your area because it knows where your browser is located. But you can if you’re going outside your area.


Exactly like the two above. It even looks like the same platform but it has photos! What’s really funny to me is you will find some of the same listings but there’s always one or tow that are not on the other sites.


If you’ve visitied the sites above this site will feel familiar, but again every once in awhile you’ll see a listing not on the other sites.


Okay so this is technically Estate sales but don’t be intimidated!  Estate sales are just fancy garage sales. It’s usually an entire household being sold.  You do need to be aware of some of the quirky things that happen at Estate sale like taking your shoes off, or numbers. But you can find premium pieces at these sales to check here frequently! Download the app on your phone and set up notifications so you don’t miss out!

Drive Around

Some garage sales don’t list online or in newspapers.  All they have are signs on the corner, so there’s only one way to find them.  Drive around.  I have put thousands of miles on my car just hunting sale signs. Be prepared to be frustrated by homes for sale signs, graduation party and wedding signs along the way!

I hope this helps you find amazing treasures! I can’t rescue them all by myself. If you’re planning on having a garage sale check out my tips for having a successful fundraising garage sale. There are plenty of tips that can be used at non-fundraising garage sales too!


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