100 Projects 100 Days the Final Stretch

100 Projects 100 Days the Final Stretch

We are in the final stretch of the 100 Project 100 Days challenge. The day this post is published will be day 67. Yes, I have actually finished 67 projects.

I am as shocked as you are!

100 Projects 100 Days Day 55

Frankly, when I started the challenge I told everyone if we missed a day it was no big deal in the end we would have 100 projects total. Secretly, in the back of mind, I wanted to complete one per day.

Full disclosure, I’ve had to work ahead at times. Especially during Picket Fence Gals sales when I’m slammed with work. Working those sales are exhausting, so when I get home I can’t get anything done.

What I’ve Discovered During 100 Projects 100 Days

The most surprising thing is that most of my projects have already sold. There have been three sales since this all started. The first one was the very first week of the 100 Projects 100 Days challenge so there weren’t too many projects in that sale, but the the next two sales were FULL of projects.

100 projects 100 days Day 56

As I finished each project I priced it and packed it so it could go right to the shop.

When I picked up my tags I was shocked at how many had sold! This tells me that shoppers are looking for unique home decor items. That’s handy information to have.

Changed My Game

Over the past 67 days I’ve noticed that my painting is different. I’ve taken more chances and learned some new skills. Mostly due to me wanting to use what I have and not buy any new paint. As I start to work through any I run low on white I’ve had to make some choices.

Pink Tray Project

I’ve been layering more colors and playing with combinations, which has been fun.

There were new products I already owned but hadn’t tried yet because I couldn’t find the “right” project. Needless to say when you’re working this fast you find the “right” project.

I’ve learned I love Angelus Leather Paint and I’m learning to love glazes. That last one is a slow growing love but I’m coming around.

Once the 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge has ended, I am going to try to continue this pace. I enjoy doing something different each day. That and the increase in sales is incredible!

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Many blessings to you!


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If you found this post, I’m sad to say the challenge has ended but you can read how successful it was here! You can also read about what I learned.