The 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge is Over

The 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge is Over

As of Sunday the 100 projects in 100 Days challenge has ended and I’m a little sad. At the same time I’m really proud and excited about all I was able to accomplish.

When I started the 100 projects challenge so many people did that thing with their face. You know the thing where their eyebrows disappear into their hairline and their nose wrinkles like they’ve smelled poo. This is what they told me, “That’s a really long time. Why so long?”

Day 1 Project

That’s when I knew I wanted to do it. Just because no one thought I could or even should do it. Even part of me said they might be right.

Ah doubt! My old friend. I thought I told you that we shouldn’t hang out anymore.

100 Projects Later

Looking back at the 100 projects that are no longer looming over me in my workshop I’m surprised at how well this experiment went. This experiment spurred excitement in my business again.

Part of the reason is because all my little projects are selling! The last two months my shop has been filled with pieces from the challenge.

I suspect the reason the new pieces have spurred sales is that they are one of a kind. Since my shop is part of a larger shop where there are other vintage sellers, if I have a vintage tea cup so do 30 other vendors. However if I make a letter sorter it’s one of a kind.

Day 55 project

Makes sense, right? So now I’m excited to customize so much more.

The other part that I loved about this challenge is all the new products I was able to finally get around to trying. Some of the products I had purchased so long ago I’d almost forgotten about them.

All of these unfinished projects and unused products were costing my business money. For every day they sat unfinished, I lost money by not selling the item.

It’s hard to convey the weight that is lifted from my shoulders to see the project pile diminished. It’s not completely gone but it’s got a few holes in it now. Even though the project has officially ended, I’m going to continue to pick away at projects at a much better pace than I was before. It’s become a habit for me now. One I’m glad I cultivated.

Here’s the Final Project of the 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge!

Day 100

Here she is! This was my old Piano bench that we no longer use. I kept thinking I would give her a makeover and sell it. That was about two years ago.

I’m glad she’s finally done. The bench looks so much better now and it will be in my shop for the May sale!

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