100 Projects 100 Days Challenge What I’m Learning (so far)

100 Projects 100 Days Challenge What I’m Learning (so far)

We are on Day 12 of the 100 Projects 100 Days challenge. I have to say the people who have joined the Facebook group are tackling some big challenges. My daily output is completely constipated in comparison to what some of these folks are tearing through.

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not about comparison or competing with others. This challenge was created by me to challenge myself to work through my ENORMOUS back log of projects.

The group is wildly inspiring though. Normal people with everyday lives, jobs, families, and they are kicking butt on their backlog of projects. Seriously, inspiring.

100 projects 100 days Day 9

What I’m Learning in the 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge.

My experience in this challenge are wholly my own and I do not pretend to speak for anyone else in the group. However, even 12 days in I’m discovering a few things.

Lesson 1 Small Steps Make A Large Difference

I won’t lie. I suspected lesson number 1 even before I started the 100 projects 100 days challenge.

So, I have a massive pile of projects waiting to be completed. Some very large and some very small. Some are projects that are missing 1 little piece that will probably take all of 10 minutes to complete. You would think that the greatest satisfaction would come from completing the large projects.

You would be wrong. Slogging through all those little projects. The ones that only take a few minutes. Is the best feeling ever. Because they’ve been bothering me the most.

Furniture can take days to complete especially the complete travesties that I am attracted to. They usually require repairs, priming, painting, re-painting, clear coat, etc., etc., etc. They don’t bother me because they require effort.

The 800 picture frames that need a coat of white and some distressing, really irritate me.

Seeing them move from the project pile to a bin with a price tag ready for the shop makes me giddy. It’s the only word I can think of to describe the emotion.

100 Projects 100 Days Day 10

Lesson 2 Accountability is the Only Thing Keeping Me on Track

Again, I’m not going to lie here. I probably would have given up by now if I didn’t create this whole challenge.


Because, if I was just participating, my thought would be no one will notice if I don’t post something today. More than likely on a day like yesterday when I wasn’t feeling well I would have let it slide. Then once the momentum was broken, I would more than likely not return.

It’s a pattern with me.

But it’s my challenge. My group. I’m responsible.

No pressure.

I mean, so much pressure! But in a good way. I need the pressure because without it my project list went out of control!

Most Important

I feel like I’m on an adventure. Things are getting done and I’m having fun. Most important of all, I’ve already sold one of the projects I completed. Which means I’m no longer wasting all the money I’ve invested in that project. I’m praying before the end of this year all the rest of them (except the ones that are for me like Day 10) get sold as well.

If you want to join me on this adventure, I would love that! I’ve created a Facebook group so we can all support and encourage each other. Just click this link HERE to go directly to the page. It’s not too late to join us. You might not get through 100 by the time we finish but you could get through 80, 70, 60 . . . you get the picture!

If you’re reading this wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you can read the original post that talk about how this started here.

Good luck to everyone, and Many Blessing to You All!


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If you found this post, I’m sad to say the challenge has ended but you can read how successful it was here!