Vintage Home Decor – Defining Your Style

Vintage Home Decor Defining Style
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Vintage Home Decor can give your home a warm and unique feeling you can’t get from buying at big box stores. Finding your style and designing with vintage home decor doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m going to make the assumption that if you’re looking for a vintage home decor you’re not talking about fine antiques like Louis XIV style and that you are strictly looking at 20th century vintage style with possibly some earlier pieces scattered into styles like farmhouse. If we can agree on that we can move forward.

Defining your vintage home decor era will help you narrow your search and you focus when shopping. Here are some of the most popular vintage home decor stylesvintage style and what to look for in each category.

Vintage Home Decor Styles

Farmhouse – Farmhouse has seen a surge in the past few years thanks to the popularity of Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia style of decorating.  This style of decorating relies heavily on neutral colors, natural woods, and rustic metals like aged galvanized steel. Farmhouse has a tranquil feel that many find appealing.  Farmhouse is also called rustic, or country if you’re searching for this style it’s worth your efforts to look up these styles as well.

Mid Century Modern – This encompasses a large variety of design styles since Mid Century means sometime between the 1930’s and the 1960’s.  Most people who have approached me lookingVintage home decor to buy Mid Century are looking for items from the 1950’s to the 1960’s.  They like the sleek lines and the vibrant colors of this era. If this is your aesthetic then also search for Atomic and Danish Modern.

Art Deco – This is one of my person favorites in vintage designs with the rich veneers and soft lines. This is the home to wonderful club chairs and waterfall dressers. This is Hollywood glamour at its finest when it’s done right. 

vintage home decorHollywood Regency – This was also part of the “Golden Era” of Hollywood but this style is more about lacquered and gold finishes rather than the wood veneers of the Art Deco style. Sumptuous fabrics, and bold colors help define this style. Look for shiny and dramatic details. Also search for Hollywood Glam.

Retro 70’s – Harvest Gold, Sunny Yellows, and Avocado Green are making a huge comeback as millennial’s embrace the 1970’s vibe. Macrame, wicker, terrazzo and rattan are great pieces to look for to define this style in your home. You can also search for BOHO or Bohemian Styles. Just don’t forget the shag rug!

Retro 1980’s – Chintz and pastels ruled the 80’s style. Blame it on Miami Vice and Dynasty. There was a lot of glass and glitz in this era. Lacquered black finishes with gold accents were vintage home decoreverywhere.

Once you define your vintage style you’ll know what you need to look for to accomplish the vintage home decor style you’re looking for. When you’re ready I’ve compiled a list of places to buy vintage home decor online – read that post here!

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