Cottagecore: A Guide to the Trendy Vintage Home Decor

Cottagecore: A Guide to the Trendy Vintage Home Decor

Cottagecore is a new trend in home decor. It’s the perfect marriage of rustic and chic, it never goes out of style, and you can do it all on your own! Here’s a guide to this trendy vintage design style to help you get started transforming your home into a peaceful cottage.

What exactly is cottagecore?

Natural Textures and wood furniture are perfect for cottagecore decor

“Cottagecore? I’ve never heard of that term,” you say. “What does it mean?” Well, cottagecore is referred to by so many different names; grandmacore, gardencore , vintagecore and farmcore . The key to cottagecore design these days: Stay focused on elements which make them special; Nature & Vintage!”

Cottagecore is a mix of rustic, vintage, and modern styles, which creates an atmosphere that feels very cozy. This design style makes your home the perfect place for friends to gather or family time spent in front of the television watching your favorite movies with yummy snacks by your side!

This style combines the warmth of wood with clean-lined furnishings for a look that’s casual but not cluttered. I feel like difference versions of this designs style have always been around. It draws from so many differnt designs styles farmhouse, shabby chic, modern, rustic, elements of each of these styles are part of cottagecore designs.

If you’re thinking about starting your own cottagecore design project, here are some things you will want to take into consideration first.

Cottagecore Color Pallets

Let’s start by talking about color palettes because this plays a very important role in cottagecore design projects.

The color schemes of cottagecore style homes use are mostly white. Of course cream and beige are part of the neutrals long with white. The pops color come from natural wood colors and more muted versions of color like burnt orange, or brick reds. These colors work well together to create a cozy atmosphere without making your home feel too stuffy or closed off.

If you want to paint an accent wall in cottagecore decor, think about using darker shades. Shades of blue/gray, gray, blue, burnt oranges, brick reds, and shades of natural greens. Steer way from of the bright sides of any of these colors especially the reds or oranges. They may end up feeling more country than cottagecore.

Look to nature for your cottagecore color palette

What Home Decor Pieces Should You Look for to Acheive Cottagecore style?

When it comes to cottagecore, the best place for inspiration is your own backyard. Rustic wood fences are perfect for this style. As are all those natural plants or an old farmhouse door left hanging invitingly open inviting you to come inside.


  • When you’re out junkin’ look for wood accents like dough bowls, wood spoons, and old wooden cutting boards. I always have a few pieces in my shop if any of these are hard to find near where you live!
  • Distress metal finishes, like those on galvanized pails, rusty tins and old lanterns, are a great way to add some old-world charm and rustic appeal. They’ll transform any room into an authentic vintage space.
  • Stone is a natural material that can have many different textures and shapes. Cottagecore’s stone accents are perfect for adding variety to your home decorating style!


  • For me, flowers are the perfect symbol of cottagestyle. The florals remind me so much of shabby chic.; soft and etherial! My favorite is Peony’s (of course) but you can’t go wrong when choosing roses, lavender, hydrangeas (even dried) or lilies.
  • Greenery is essential to cottagecore design. A really nice, faux green would be the best option if you don’t have a green thumb and want your space to look natural without sacrificing style! Think about ivy, boxwood wreaths, or these three adorable plants I found on Amazon!
  • Dried greens like pampas grass and reeds are also perfect for this design style. Find a tall vase, fill it with these gorgeous natural elements then throw in some colorful flowers to bring out their beauty even more.


  • While the most obvious way to make your cottagecore decor come alive is with flowers, animals are also a fantastic natural element. You can incorporate artwork and/or brass animal figurines into this style of design!
  • If we’re adding birds, you can’t forget the bees! Butterflies and other bugs might not be your first choice but they will add an interesting bit of nature to cottagecore design.
Quilts are perfect for cottagecore decor

Our homes are often a reflection of how we live, and it’s so important to choose items that will last for generations. Cottagecore decor pieces with sustainable sourcing from thrift stores, vintage shops, and even hand me downs make this possible!

Looking for that perfect vintage piece?

Peony Lane Designs is the place to find it! We have a wide variety of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and we always keep our inventory stocked with new items. You can also check out our blog for tips on how to make your home look like a Cottagecore masterpiece!

Every item in my shop has been handpicked by me and I stand behind each and every single one. So if you’re looking for that special something, then you know where to go! Shop my store today!

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Don’t Forget Your Family History

Cottagecore designs is all about feeling cozy and welcoming. It’s the perfect design style to incorporate home decor pieces which have been handed down to you from your family.

Your grandmother’s vintage Homer Laughlin china and soft cream doilies would fit in perfectly with this design aesthetic. So would your mother’s old floral quilt with all it’s frayed edges. Just don’t go overboard on the doily front. You don’t want to go from granny chic to just granny.

I hope that this blog post has answered any questions you might have had about cottagecore. Maybe it inspired you to embrace your inner cottagecore designer. It can be a lot of fun creating a home with a mix of modern, industrial, vintage chic pieces alongside more rustic furnishings like barn wood or rusty metal furniture.

If you have been thinking about incorporating some aspects of the design trend into your own space but don’t know where to start, comment below! I would love to hear from my readers how you are embracing their inner cottagecore designers in your homes and what challenges you may face along the way.

You can always check out my post on Defining Your Vintage Style in case Cottagecore isn’t for you!

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