Using Rust-oleum Chalked Paint – Is It Any Good?

Using Rust-oleum Chalked Paint – Is It Any Good?
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If you’ve been to the home improvement store then you’ve seen Rust-oleum Chalked Paint and probably wondered if it’s any good. How does it compare to other chalk paints?

There’s only one way to find out for sure! It’s time to take Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint for a test drive.

I’ll be honest Junkin’ Buddies. I am not a fan of white paint, but it sells. I think white is the most boring color ever. I love my colors! Again, white sells though so I broke down and bough the Linen White Chalked Paint.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

What You Should Know

The first thing you need to understand about Chalked Paint is that this is not a true chalk paint. It is an ultra matte latex paint. You need to be aware of this because you need to paint with this product using the same precautions as you would regular latex paint.

Even though the odor is very mild I still recommend painting in a well ventilated area. Keep children away from the paint. And if you get this product in your eye or mouth please follow the instructions for flushing the paint immediately!

Let’s Begin

I picked the items that I wanted to paint including a child’s chair, an old shelf, a raw wood sign, and raw wood pumpkins.


Make sure you mix the paint thoroughly. I use a combination of shaking the paint can vigorously and using a stir stick to mix the paint. When you’re sure that you’ve mixed the paint enough mix it for a few minutes more.

Do You Need to Sand with Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

No and Yes. Don’t you love those definitive statements? If the surface you are painting is shiny or has a slick clear coat on it then you will want to scuff up the surface.  This is the same advice I give to anyone with any paints including traditional chalk paint. Why? Because it will give the paint something to bite into and prevent it from chipping.

For my projects, I did not sand any of them.  The surfaces of the raw wood, and previously painted pieces where not glossy at all. So I felt like I could get away with not sanding. I had considered it on the chair though. Then I got excited and started painting before I sanded.

It happens.

The projects all turned out fine but just be aware that you might have to sand a little if your surface is glossy.

How Do You Use Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint?

There’s no mystery to using this paint. It doesn’t require special brushes (neither does regular chalk paint but that’s another post) and can even be rolled on.  You apply Chalked Paint exactly like you would a latex paint. Because it is a latex paint.

Pick a spot and start painting.

One Coat Coverage?

Not on any of the projects I tried Chalked on.  For me the magic number was 2 coats of paint to cover a light yellow, pink hearts, and raw wood. Although the raw wood had the best coverage which surprised me. I expect paint to drink into raw wood, even with chalk paint, so the coverage there was excellent.

So How Does It Compare to Other Chalk Paints?

That’s a tough question because again it’s not a true chalk paint.  Does it have a matte finish. Yes but not the chalk texture. It feel like a latex paint once it’s dry. It’s nice not having to seal the chalked paint after you’ve finished.  With a true chalk paint you can do multiple coats and still have the added step of protected the finish with a top coat. To me that’s a real time saver and I appreciated it.

The white as you can see in the photos is a nice bright white. Even if I find painting white boring it does leave the pieces I painted with a nice clean finish.


Is Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Any Good?

Yes. I think it’s a good quality paint.  Even if it didn’t cover on the first coat the paint is still very pigmented. I will absolutely use Chalked paint again especially to paint white.  One of the #1 complaints about chalk paint is you paint a white surface and then when you clear coat it the surface turns yellow.  You don’t have that with this paint because the paint doesn’t require a clear coat of any kind.  Once you’re done painting you are done.

Love that!

If what you’re looking for is the ultra matte look of chalk paint at a lower price point than Annie Sloan paints this is an excellent option. Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint is widely available in areas that might not have a chalk paint dealer near by and it’s less expensive. I say win win.

If you want to see my post on trying Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint click here! If you want to see the process of painting with this Chalked Paint Click the video below!


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If you still have questions about Chalked Paint I’ve written a post answering the most frequently asked questions HERE.

Many blessings to you all!


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  1. The Annie Sloan paints are WAY more expensive than Rust-Oleum. It is almost double the cost for a Liter can 38.95 compared to Rust-Oleum for 21.95 not sure how you came to the less expensive conclusion. Love your website so much!!!!

    1. Hi Jill – I think you might have miss read the post. I came to the same conclusion. It says in the post that Rust-Oleum is a lot less expensive. I’m glad you like the website!

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