Trying Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint Finish

Trying Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint Finish
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When I saw Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint I had to try it.  Trying new paints and finishes is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Rust-Oleum is a great brand (no I’m not sponsored by Rust-Oleum but they can all me!).  They are available all over. Their prices don’t make your wallet cry and they have amazing colors.

They make my favorite spray paint (2X which is awesome read my post on painting ceramics here) and they try to keep up with paint trends.

When I saw they had created a milk paint I knew it wasn’t going to be a true milk paint.  Just like their chalky finish paint isn’t a true chalk paint. They make latex paints plain and simple.

BUT! They make latex paints with the features you love about the more costly alternatives. That’s why I really wanted to try Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint, because they have been very successful with their less fussy paints.

Yep, I said it. Milk Paint is fussy.

True milk paints require you to measure powder, mix with water, don’t forget the outdoor additive, the adhesion additive, the finishing coats.  FUSSY.

So I swooped up on the Milk Paint display at my hardware store picked up Rust-Oleum’s Highland Blue Milk Paint.  At the time I purchased it I wasn’t quite sure what I would us it on but I knew I would find something. Boy did I ever!

After using Rust-Oluem’s Milk paint what is my impression?

Well, if you’re comparing this straight up on price then Rust-Oleum wins hands down. Buying traditional milk paints is very expensive.

Yes, it does have the properties that make milk paint great. It flakes really well which is one of the things I like about milk paint. It is an amazing matte finish that is slightly different from their Chalky Finish paint.

I honestly don’t know how they do it but they do.

The video that show the test and the results is below. Watch it NOW!



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