Trying Pop of Color Paints on Home Decor

Trying Pop of Color Paints on Home Decor

Have you been seeing Pop of Color Paints all over the place? If not you soon will. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to try it!

When a box arrived at my door filled with Pop of Color Paints I was giddy! Seriously. I was like a little kid.

Me excited by Pop of Color Paints

Any who has watched my YouTube channel for hot second will tell you that I love color. My world is a colorful place and I love using hot pink on a dresser when most people would paint it white or some other boring neutral.

Hey! If people can call my colorful decor a “nightmare” I can call their neutrals a snooze fest. It’s only fair.

Pop of Color Paints

Pop of Color Paints 4 oz Samples

If I was excited by the box I was even more so when I got a look at the goodness inside. Check out the luscious assortment of colors they sent!

Pop of color paints in a row

Look they even included some boring colors. Just kidding. They’re all really pretty. Especially the two which are my brand colors!

My brand colors

These two charmed me beyond belief. But paint isn’t all about pretty colors. It’s coverage that really matters. Then there’s how well it blends, distresses, and cleans up.

Testing Out the Paint

The only way to discover if a paint in any good is to dip in a brush and start painting. Since I’m not an artist my “canvas” is of course home decor. I decided to test it out on this little frame.

Green and gold frame

This little green and gold frame is kinda cute. Kinda. It needs a little face life. The green feels dated to me, which makes this the perfect opportunity to test out Pop of Color Paints!

Lambs wool color

I decided to base coat the frame in the color Lambs Wool, which is an off white color. My thinking was, “white sells.” So I was going to just paint it white and then stare longingly at the other colors.

coverage is good

The paint was thinner than a chalk paint and a little thinner than a regular latex paint. Surprisingly it still covered like a dream. Pop of Color paints must be highly pigmented for a thin paint to cover this well. In the photo above this is the second coat of lambs wool. The piece in the background was a black metal vase I decided to cove as well. That vase only has one coat and as you can see it covered the black well.

pink painting

Changed My Mind!

I thought I was going to paint everything white, then my brain said, “To heck with that!” And I grabbed the hot pink and started to dry brush the frame.

Royal blue mix

And then I decided to blend in some royal blue. I used a little water to reactivate the pink and blend the colors.

water distressing the frame

I wasn’t sure if Pop of Color Paints could be distressed using water distressing but I decided to give it a try. A piece of canvas drop cloth was close by so I wet it and sure enough Pop of Color Paints distressed like a dream.

Distressed like a dream

Full disclosure I didn’t wait until the paint was completely dry. Waiting until the paint dries could change the paints ability to be water distressed.

How Did I Like Pop of Color Paint?

Final Frame painted with Pop of Color Paints

Pop of Color Paints come is a fantastic assortment of colors include bright neon colors. This paint is highly pigmented and covered like a dream. I was able to distress, layer, and blend the colors easily.

My Etsy Shop

Yes, I absolutely would and will use this paint again.

The frame above might not be your cup of color tea, but I love it. I love the way the color mixed together and I even love the boring white peeking through. I can’t wait to try some of the brighter colors!

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Pop of Color Paints

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Many blessings to you!