Trying Jacquard Fabric Paint to Upcycle a Purse

Trying Jacquard Fabric Paint to Upcycle a Purse

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jacquard fabric paint. Since, I’ve been looking for a fabric paint that can be used on furniture I thought it was time to give Jacquard a try. But I wanted to start on something small just in case.

Enter my all time pet peeve. Clothing and accessories that are purchased for a single purpose like this bridal clutch.

Satin Bridal Clutch

Yep, I paid a ton of money to carry this clutch once. All these years later it’s discolored and dirty and of no use to anyone anymore. So can Jacquard Fabric Paint tackle this tough job?

One thing is for sure, if it can I will be spending a FORTUNE on fabric paint!

Let’s Try Jacquard Fabric Paint!

I made no attempt to try and clean this purse. There is discoloration on the bow and the base. And dirty everywhere.

Discolored base

It is a hot mess!

Even though I purchased the Jacquard fabric paint in turquois in the Neopaque brand I ultimately decided to use the Jacquard Fabric Paint Lumiere brand. It’s a pearl turquoise that makes me so happy.

Jacquard Fabric Paint lumiere brand

After giving the bottle a good shake it was time to paint.

Painting with Jacquard Fabric Paint

In the back of my mind, I thought it would soak in and disappear. Probably because other fabric paints I’ve tried did just that.

Not the Jacquard fabric paint! I was so happy with the coverage. This paint is highly pigmented and it stayed on the surface of the purse.

That was a huge win!

Does It Cover the Stains?

The yellow stains that covered this purse were a huge concern. As were the dirty smudges.

Would the paint cover them? If it did, would the color be even?

Painting the yellowed bottom

I attacked the base first which was nearly orange with age. I think it’s actually the adhesive they use to glue the fabric to the cardboard but I can’t be certain.

I’m happy to report that the Jacquard Lumier fabric paint covered beautifully!

Again, another huge win for this product.

paint the inside of the purse

I decided to paint the inside of the purse to make sure even from the side all you see if this gorgeous pearl blue color.

How Did It Turn Out?

Jacquard Fabric Paint the Finished Purse

Here is the finished purse!

I’m completely stunned at how well Jacquard Fabric paint works. There is only one coat of paint on this purse.

I KNOW! I can’t believe it either!

One coat and it covered the dirty and stains. The color is even and beautiful.

The most difficult part was getting in the folds of the ribbon which took a small brush but even that wasn’t that big of a challenge.

The product guide says to soften the paint you use an iron but I liked the feel on this purse. It feels like a starched satin. It’s still flexible and when I opened and closed the flap it did NOT crack.

That’s HUGE! I opened and closed the flap aggressively about 20 times just to be sure, and nope, no cracks.

I’m sold! I will absolutely be using this on a piece of furniture in the near future. Get signed up for my newsletter so you don’t miss it!

If you want to see how the whole process came together you can click the video link below.

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