Supply List for Upcoming Christmas Crafting Video

Supply List for Upcoming Christmas Crafting Video

Yep, it’s Christmas Crafting time again! A new Christmas crafting videos will be going up on my YouTube channel and I was asked for a supply list so you can craft along with me.

Below is a list of the supplies I bought for this year’s Christmas Crafting extravaganza. Let me be clear, you do not have to buy all of the supplies listed below. For instance the wood cuts. I bought 3 different sizes because I’m making them for resale. If you want to craft with me to make gifts for your family them maybe just buy one one size.

The stamps are also a personal preference item. If just want to make gnome ornaments then don’t buy the rest of the stamps. You can also find holiday stamps at your local thrift store to use. You’re don’t have to be exactly the same as mint but this is what I’m using.

Okay now that we’re all clear on that front I will highlight the ones that you should probably get but I will give you an alternative for them as well.

In addition to the items listed below I’m assuming most of us have a well stocked crafting closet with glue, glitter and paints. If not you will want to make sure you pick up some of those too.

Here’s What You Need for this Season’s Christmas Crafting

Vintage Holiday Design Bundle from Creative Marketplace – I bought this set of images from Creative Marketplace to print the images for one of the projects. If you have vintage holiday cards or other images you want to use you can scan them in and print them out too. Any holiday image you like will work but these are the ones I’m using.

Bottle Brush Trees and Miniatures

bottle brush trees for Christmas Crafting

Every year I sell a lot of bottle brush trees so they’re great to have on hand. This set of Bottle Brush Trees came with the minutes I needed for these projects so it was a win win for me. If you have small bottle burst trees and assorted small Christmas figures that you can use then use those.

Stamps for Christmas Crafting

I will be using a lot of different Christmas and winter themed stamps. Again you don’t have to buy this many. You can also just hit your thrift store which will probably have a wonderful assortment for a reasonable price. Here are the ones I will be using in addition to some I picked up at thrift store.

Joyful home stamps for Christmas crafting

Joyful Home Stamps – I liked the Santa and Santa’s workshop in this set but I’ll probably experiment with all the pieces and parts.

merry christmas santa Christmas Crafts

Merry Christmas Santa Stamps -Such an odd name for these gnome stamps but I like them anyway.


Gnome Stamps – That’s not what these are called but that’s what they are so gnome stamps.

Christmas Crafts Elk Stamps

Elk Stamp – This one also had a different name like winter wonderland or something. I like the elk head stamp in this one and the bird. Maybe the baby deer.

Truck stamp for holiday crafting

Welcome to Joyful Home Stamp – Another weird name but I thought the house was charming and I wanted the truck. I’m not sure what that swoosh of balls is at the top even after I got the stsamp.

Wood Cuts and Blanks

If you only want to get one size of wood cuts I would go with the small circle. It’s pre-drilled an already has hanging string with it.

small wood cuts

Small Wood Cuts

large wood cuts

Larger Wood Cuts

rectangle tags

Rectangle Wood Tags

Tart Tins

tart tins

Tartlet Tins – If you have vintage tartlet tins you can use those instead. I have vintage ones and a set of these tartlet tins.

Everything Else

jut string

Jute string – You can get this at the dollar tree in their craft section, but if you want to use ribbon that you have on hand use that. This will just be used for hanging the ornaments.


Brayer – If you decide to use ink on your stamps then you won’t need this. I’m going to be using paint and ink so I need it.

Let’s Craft!

That should be everything. Like I said above I have assumed that you have the normal craft supplies like glitter, paint and glue. If not hit the Dollar Tree. Their craft isle is becoming surprisingly well stocked with these things. Also gather together bits for embellishing. Bits like broken jewelry, single earrings, beads, lace, silk flowers, greenery, or whatever else you might want to add a creative touch to your ornaments.

Once I post the Christmas Crafting video I will update this post with the video so you can follow along!

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