The Final Christmas for Free Update

The Final Christmas for Free Update

Well here we are at the end of the 2022 Christmas for FREE experiment. I will admit that shopping has already begun!

The Final Christmas for FREE totals!

Alright I’m not going to spend a lot of time chatting because that’s now what you’re here for. You want to know how much I’ve earned and so do I!

In August I added Brand Club to my list of apps I’m using. They’re interesting because they reward you for brand loyalty. I don’t like that when I buy something it says I have to make another purchase in so many days to unlock the reward. I usually buy in bulk because of where we live so when I make my purchases I don’t always need to buy them again in their time frame. It’s especially true for things like my shoes. But I have earned. The only number we care about is the payout total since that’s what I can cash out. $50 so far. If you sign up from my referral link we both earn $10 so that’s a win!

Brand club final Christmas for Free total

Ibotta had been slow but I’ve been shopping again (remember I buy in bulk so I didn’t need to shop for awhile). I finally broke the $200 mark! $223.07 to be exact.

iBotta Final Christmas for Free Total

Fetch Rewards Referal Code GB0QJ has been giving points steadily. I love the convenience of having both online purchases and in store purchases count toward my totals. The final amount for Christmas is $90.

Fetch rewards Final Christmas for Free totals

Receipt Hog is finally at the $25.00 level!  Slow and steady my friends and every dollar counts.

receipt hog final Christmas for Free total

POGO has been growing a bit because it gives me points not just for purchases but also my bill payments.  I currently have $10.35.

Pogo final Christmas for Free total

Upside – I was at $91.14 total for this app but I cashed this one in and started shopping. Since cashing it in however I’ve earned more money. You can see the history below. I’ve earned a total of $103.20.

Upside final totals

Shopkicks – Referal Code: SAVE725778 – This one has been so disappointing to me. Just a $5 reward but I’ll take it!

Shopkick final Christmas for Free total

Target Circle I cashed in 9.68 already toward a gift but I still have a few pennies and $15.00 in gift cards. In total $24.80

Target Circle Earnings

I also have 2 additional Target promotional gift cards that total another $15. So for the grand total saved for Christmas using just online savings apps:

Christmas for FREE Final Total: $546.42

Are you ready to join me for next year? Sign up through my links to get bonuses from each app!

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The Final Christmas for Free Update

The Christmas experiment is over but the Christmas crafting has just begun. Check out these Dollar Tree DIY ornament. Or if you prefer you can spend a bit more to make the Christmas Banner from my YouTube channel!