Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

For normal people (ie- the people who don’t work in retail) Christmas comes so fast. When you’re “kick off to Christmas” sale starts in November it means Christmas crating starts in October at the very least. It should have started in September but bygones. Today I have a Dollar Tree Christmas craft for you.

If you’re following my YouTube channel then you might have seen my Dollar Tree haul video. I found some incredible wood cut ornaments this year.  They might have had them in the past but I don’t remember seeing them at my Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Christmas Craft time!

This particular Dollar Tree Christmas Craft is using two of the wood cut banners. One that says season’s greetings and on that says Merry Christmas. These banners are 3 to a package so even if I messed this one up I had at least 4 other attempts to get things the way I want them. 

Dollar Tree Craft Wood Cut

My idea for these was to use patina paint to make them look like aged metals. Copper and bronze to be exact. There is also a rust patina but I didn’t have any this time around so I couldn’t try a rusty one. I got my patina paints from Amazon. I use the Modern Masters brand and they are available in my Amazon storefront if you want to try to patina a few things around your house. Fair warning it can become addicting.

Modern Masters Copper Patina Paint

The process for patina painting is involved. Especially if you’re painting on wood or glass. Then you need to use the Modern Masters primer that comes with the kits.  Since my ornaments are wood I coated the whole thing with primer.

Priming the Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts

It didn’t take too long for the primer to dry and then I gave the ornaments two coats of the reactive, metallic paint. Season’s greetings got two coats of bronze paint and Merry Christmas received two coats of copper.

Copper patina painted christmas ornaments dIY

See it’s already more coats of paint than I normally want to do on a project. But we’re not done yet.

Now it’s time to make the magic happen. In each of the kits there is a little container of blue liquid.  The copper kit has one that says green patina and the bronze kit says blue patina. This is the wonder liquid that quickly ages the reactive paints so they look like they’ve been sitting outside aging and weathering for years.

Patina Spray

I highly recommend doing this outside if you can. Wear safety goggles and the whole nine yards. This stuff should not be breathed in and can irritate skin and eyes. Be careful when you use it.

For the copper ornament I decided to try spraying the liquid on. I sprayed mine inside a box to keep the liquid from going everywhere, and then set the box up so the liquid would drip down the ornament. I wanted it to have that feel of a copper roof or statue that has green drips on them.

bronze patina paint

I did the bronze ornament a little different. I wanted to try to brush it on, leaving more precise heavy deposits where I wanted them. Just to see if brushing it vs spraying would make a huge difference, since spraying makes a mess and uses a lot more product, which is wasteful in my opinion.

Hanging the ornaments

The wood cuts already had holes in them so I decided to add a jump ring to them before adding the rope to hold them. This way the ornament will always hang straight.

jump rings

You could of course use bias taped, ribbon or a chain if you want to hang them with something a little fancier.

rope to hang

The Results!

Well each of them got a different look. I think I like the copper one (on top) the best. The bronze really didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Where I gave it a heavy coat there was no patina and where there was a light coat is patina-ed really well.

Live and learn!

Dollar Tree Christmas Craft Reveal

I like both of these Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments and now I want to do more. Maybe embellish them a bit more and I think I want to layer the blue and the green. That would be so pretty!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Craft pin

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