Paint Upholstery with Jacquard Fabric Paint

Paint Upholstery with Jacquard Fabric Paint

I found the perfect office chair but the upholstery was dated and stained. Jacquard fabric paint to the rescue! Time to paint upholstery.

Let me say that I loved the farmhouse hoop back chair that I was using at my desk. I loved the look. I loved the size. I just didn’t love the way my back felt after sitting on the hard wooden chair for an extended period of time.

Thrift Store chair

Enter my new chair. Isn’t it beautiful.

No! Not at all!

I picked it up from the thrift store for $8. It must have been a dinning room chair or a restaurant chair of kind. It has that look.

But it’s pretty right?

Again, no.

stained seat

I mean just look at the stains on the upholstery.

More stains

Other than the stains the upholstery is in good condition. So in my world of rescue it don’t replace it, I decided to give it a paint job.

Let’s Paint Upholstery

I had previously used the Jacquard Lumiere paint when I painted an old purse with it to give the bag some upstyle. I was really impressed with the coverage and I knew at some point I would be painting upholstery using this paint.

Today was the day.

Jacquard Fabric Upholstery paint

I decided to go with the Jacquard Lumiere in Rose Gold. I bought the 8 ounce pot of paint but I didn’t use more than half. You will have to determine how much you think you’ll need.

Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint

The Lumiere metallic colors are gorgeous but if that’s not the style you’re looking they have so many other colors. Including a bunch of neutral shades.

Painting Upholstery

This paint goes on without any extra fan fair. You paint it on as you would any other paint. The first coat soaks in a little but not bad. Not as much as I assumed the first time I used it.

I have used other fabric paints that soaked in really bad so I’d been burned before by paints that claimed to cover fabric. They always seem to require you to either water it down or some other process before painting. With this it’s just paint and go.

Love it!

Second coat of fabric paint

My chair needed a second coat. So after the first coat was dry to the touch I went back after it. This time the paint covered beautifully.

Once I gave the whole thing it was time to address the chair frame. Of course I wasn’t going to leave the dark frame on the newly updated chair seat. Oh no, no no!

Kilz Adhesion primed chair

I gave the whole frame a coat of Kilz Adhesion because I didn’t want to sand down the whole chair. The adhesion give’s the surface a good bonding coat.

The whole frame was painted white because my desk is white. Plus I thought it would coordinate well with the Rose Gold fabric.

Finished chair

Now she looks pretty! And it will be a nice cushioned seat for my desk. See you just have to look past the ugly.

In anticipation of the top question, not it’s not crunchy or sticky. It stayed flexible. It now feels a little like outdoor fabric. My understanding is if you iron the fabric it get’s softer but I’m okay with the texture so I didn’t iron it. I know from the purse project what the texture was going to be in advance so at least I knew what I was getting into.

When you sit on the chair it’s not uncomfortable. It feels fine.

Sear cushion close up

Here’s a quick close up of the seat cushion so you can see it even covered the stain.

finished chair

Even the back of the chair is now stain free! Well is it stain free or stain hidden? Either way it looks so much better now.

If you’re looking for a good way to improve your outdoor furniture check out the video below.

If you want you can check out all my other videos trying fabric paint too!

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Paint Upholstery in Rose Gold

19 thoughts on “Paint Upholstery with Jacquard Fabric Paint

  1. The chair looks great! I haven’t tried painting fabrics yet but I am going to give this a try!! Pinning!

    1. I hadn’t either because I was worried it would be crunchy. This stuff is amazing! ?

    1. No it doesn’t say to and I’ve been sitting on it for a week without any cracking or other problems. I am really surprised by how amazing this paint is.

  2. I really enjoyed what you did with your chair. It’s lovely I’m glad you did not distress it. I have an old sewing chair I’m thinking of doing this to. Thanks for your tutorial

    1. You are so welcome! I’m glad you like it. I think you will love the results of this paint. I’m sitting in it right now and it’s holding up nicely.

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