Mother’s Day Gifts for the DIY Mom In Your Life!

Mother’s Day Gifts for the DIY Mom In Your Life!

Here’s the Mother’s Day Gifts Guide you’ve been waiting for! Especially if you have that mom who is into all things DIY.

Being a DIY mommy I feel like I have more than a little expertise on this subject. All products recommended below are products that I use in my She-Shop! You can get one or all and create a lovely DIY Gift basket for your Mom!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom’s Who Are the Queens of DIY

I’m going to start with a relatively inexpensive item that once you start using is life changing. Especially if you have a mom who likes to upcycle furniture. Tite Chair fixes all those wobbly joints on chairs and more. It has an amazing syringe like tip that always the adhesive to get into the joints without taking your chairs or other furniture pieces apart. If you’re wondering if it holds well, I glued my shoe to the floor on accident and I had difficulty getting it off.

Product Tite Chairs

I finally got one of these little mouse sanders and I’m overjoyed! I can’t believe I waited so long. Your mom will love this little sander. It fits in the corners and virtually eliminated hand sanding in tight space. I also love the hook and loop sand paper which my old sander did not have.

Mouse Sander

If your Mom likes to shop at thrift stores or garage sales then she will LOVE Un-Du! I have recommended this many times and I’m always thanked for it. This stuff can removed the stickiest labels even from paper without damaging or tearing. I kid you not! They did a demonstration removing duct tape from toilet paper and I was sold!


If your mom is a painter then a short Purdy short handle paint brush is a must. The short handle makes it easier to fit in tight spaces like between shelves and it fits your hand better. Of course that is just my opinion. Every painting mom can use new brushes. I guarantee it!

If your DIY Mom doesn’t have a Dremel yet get one! It can handle so many different DIY emergencies from nipping off a nail that won’t come out to drilling a quick hole to polishing Dremel has you covered.


No DIY Mom can be without an electric upholstery stapler and brad nailer. This thing has saved me so many blisters.

staple gun

I received this cordless glue gun a couple years ago for Christmas. It was everything I never knew I needed. I didn’t even realize how annoying the cord is until it was gone.

And finally, how about a DIY Subscription box so Mom can learn new techniques for making her DIY’s a little more beautiful.

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Many blessings to you!


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