How to Spray Paint on Metal

How to Spray Paint on Metal
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I’m continuing my series of post about using spray paint because so many of you have questions specifically about how to use spray paint on specific surfaces.  Today we’re going to talk about how to spray paint on metal.

Of course you can spray paint on metal. There are very few surfaces you cannot spray paint.  That’s what makes it one of my favorite go to paints. You can finish multiple projects quickly using the same paint regardless if it’s wood, plastic, or metal.  A huge time saver when you’re flipping smalls for profit.

Prepare Your Surface

Like most other surfaces you will need to prepare a metal surface to receive the paint. This seems to be where everyone groans. I know you want to get right to painting. So do I! But I also want my projects to last.

If the metal you are painting is smooth you will want to rough it up.  You can use sandpaper, a scuff pad, or even steel wool. You want scratch the surface so the paint has something to bite into.

Once you’ve scuffed the surface you’ll want to wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. You don’t want any dust left or the paint won’t stick.

Spray Paint on Metal

Okay, once the surface is clean and dry it’s time to actually paint.  Take the project outside if you can so you know overspray won’t get on everything. You also want to be sure you’re in a well ventilated area. Spray painting outside is the best in my opinion.

Stay about 8 inches from the surface you are painting.  Spray a light coat on. Don’t get overly excited and over spray the surface or the paint WILL run. Just make one pass over each area. If there are still places that were not covered by paint the first time around, you’ll get it on the second pass.

Coat Two

Wait about 15 to 20 minutes between the first and the second coat.  This will give the first coat time to get sticky enough that the second coat won’t drip.  Again you want to spray a light coat of paint. On most pieces this second coat will be enough to cover completely. If it’s not covered then repeat these steps. Wait 20 minutes and spray the third coat.

Walk Away

Once you’ve finished painting walk away and let the piece dry. I usually let my projects stay outside for an entire day to dry if I can. This is because the paint stinks. If you bring it in the house to dry it will stink up the place.

Depending on the weather the paint could take a couple days to dry. Because it’s getting colder in my area the drying time has been extended. Take that into consideration when you’re painting.

That’s as complicated as it gets.  If you want to see how I spray paint a metal lamp then watch the video below.  If you have more questions about spray painting on metal please let me know if the comments below!

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