How to Hang a Picture with Two Hooks – The Easy Way!

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How to Hang a Picture with Two HooksHang a Picture with Two Hooks the easy way just follow the steps outlined below!

We’ve all been there.  You fall in love with a large piece of art only to discover d-hooks or (gasp!) 2 keyholes on the back. Now you have to figure out how to space the hooks the correct distance apart. The problem seems to be even if you measure the distance they hooks inevitable end up not exactly in the right place.

Frustrating for sure! Not to worry I know how the pros hang those pieces of art right the first time — Every time! And it’s not hard.

Check out this infographic! And save it to Pinterest for later reference!


How to Hang a Picture with Two Hooks - The Easy Way!

It’s that simple!  For those of you who are in love with my tattered American Flag it came from Whiskey Woodsmithing. He’s an extremely talented wood artist and he happens to be my Nephew.  I love my flag!

Sometimes the things we thing are so hard have the easiest solutions. If you’ve ever struggled with the way to find the center of a circle for drilling a craft project, check out my post HERE on the easy way to do that as well!

Have you ever struggled with something and then discovered it wasn’t as difficult as you expected? Comment down below and let me know what it was!

Many blessings to you all!


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