Can You Paint Laminate? Of Course You Can Here’s How!

Can You Paint Laminate? Of Course You Can Here’s How!
Can you paint laminate
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Can you paint laminate? Some people want to paint their cupboards, some a table, others bookshelves. Whatever laminate you want to paint you can of course paint it. It just requires special attention.

Painting Slippery Surfaces

Laminated products are wood products that have been glued together usually with a glossy plastic coating. Usually that coating is faux wood or a solid color. Either way if the laminate is not your color or you just want an update you start wondering how you can paint that slippery surface.

Prepping The Surface

Okay, I know you hate sanding. Me too. Sanding is a necessary evil in this case. I won’t tackle any painting any laminate surface without a good sanding.

I recently completed a hair dressers cabinet with Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents and it needed to be able to withstand a lot of scrubbing. When I went to have my hair trimmed and saw her scrub the hair dye off the front I held my breath, but thankfully the paint stayed put.  You can see the video of this transformation below.

So Can You Paint Laminate Now?

Slow your roll! Not quite yet. Even with the sanded surface paint is still going to need a little more assistance to stick to the surface.

You will need a specialty primer. I know another step but trust me you again will not regret this step. In the video I used Bungalow 47 primer which is fantastic. It is available directly from them on their website HERE.

But if you’re determined to get your project done this weekend and you don’t want to wait for primer to arrived you can pick up Kilz Adhesion, Glidden Gripper and Rust-Olelum Plastic Primer are all available at The Home Depot. Order online and pick it up today.

Any of these primers will work so you can then use a regular latex paint on laminate without worrying about chipping and flaking.

Below is the video I was talking about. Let me know if this post has been helpful to you in the comments. Let me know what you’re going to paint first!