Getting a Bleached Pine Cone Look with Chalk Paint

Getting a Bleached Pine Cone Look with Chalk Paint

I love the bleached pine cone look. But not the actual bleaching part. I’m not a fan of using harsh chemicals.

That’s why I decided to try to get a bleached look using chalk paint. Below is the video I created on how I did it!

I think the pine cones turned out great but you would never know in this video.

Okay, so here’s what happened.  I published the bleached pine cone YouTube video but I forgot to add the finished project into the video. UGH! That’s what I get for producing these things late at night.

Never fear! Once I discovered my error I created a quick little video to show everyone the final product. I can’t leave you guys hanging like that!

Here’s the part that everyone is missing!


See they turned out beautifully without harsh chemicals! They are really lovely but next time I might add a little sparkle using my glitter like a pro method! Or maybe a lot of glitter.

What are you thoughts? Glitter or no glitter? Let me know if the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!

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