DIY Vintage-Inspired Easter Flags: Add Charm to Your Decor!

DIY Vintage-Inspired Easter Flags: Add Charm to Your Decor!

Easter is right around the corner, so let’s create a DIY vintage-inspired Easter flags to decorate this year!

This is a project I created on my YouTube channel. I’ve unfortunately was quarantine with Covid for a week and was bored out of my mind. So I spent way too much time, and way too much money, surfing and buying stuff on Amazon. That’s where I came across some adorable vintage reproduction Easter stickers.

I knew I had to do something with them. So I created vintage-inspired Easter flags that are perfect for adding a little bit of vintage charm to even the smallest space. Even better they are a great project to do with kids that is way less messy than dying Easter eggs.

Here are the steps I took to create these festive DIY vintage-inspired Easter flags:

Step 1: Paint the wooden flags

Paint the wooden flags for these DIY Easter flags
Paint the flags

I started by painting the wooden flags. You want to create a nice background for your vintage stickers. You can decide what colors work best for you but I decided to go with pastel pink and blue. Easter is always pastels for me but you do you!

Step 2: Cut out the vintage Easter stickers

cut out the stickers

Next, I carefully cut out the vintage Easter stickers that I had chosen for the flags. I found these stickers amazon, but you could could also download vintage Easter images that you like if you have a color printer. I cut as close to the image as I could without losing any of the back or foreground image.

Step 3: Place the stickers

cut out the stickers

After cutting out the stickers, I placed them on the wooden flags. For some reason I always feel like I never quite get things centered or lined up when I place them. That’s okay though these are handmade, not machine made, and those little imperfections are where the love is.

Step 4: Cover the entire flag in decoupage glue

Cover in decoupage glue

Once the stickers were in place, I covered the entire flag in decoupage glue. This glue not only helps the stickers stay put on the wooden flag, but it also gives the flags a protective layer.

Step 5: Use aging glaze over each flag

After the decoupage glue was dry, I applied an aging glaze to each flag. This glaze gave the flags an aged look and helped to blend the stickers into the background.

Step 6: Use rose gold intense glitter to add sparkle to the flags

To add a little bit of sparkle to the flags, I used rose gold intense glitter. I applied the glitter with a small paintbrush, and covered the entire surface. I played with the idea of doing spots of glitter only on certain parts of the images. I still think it would be cute to have a more intense glitter in places. Again this is a you do you moment. Do whatever makes your soul happy when you create these.

Step 7: Attach rope to hang the flags

Finally, I attached rope to the top of each flag so that I could hang them up. I tied a small knot in the rope on each side of the flag to keep it in place.

And there you have it! Vintage-inspired Easter flags that are perfect for adding a little bit of charm to your holiday decorations. This project was so much fun to complete, and I love how the flags turned out. I hope this tutorial inspires you to create something beautiful this Easter!

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