Why We Cut the Cord

Why We Cut the Cord

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I know why we cut the cord is a strange topic for my blog. But we cut the cord over 4 years ago and I’m finally comfortable saying we will never go back to cable or satellite TV ever again.

Why We Cut the Cord

When I decided to work on my business full time it meant major belt tightening.  We had to get rid of all expenses that were extra. We got rid of our home phone since we have cell phones, goodbye regular  hair cuts, dinners out, you know all the fun stuff.

Every time I opened my $250 satellite tv bill I got nauseated.  Then when I saw all the crap channels my $250 was funding I got angry. I had hundreds of channels and I watched 10.

Satellite TV had to go!

Since we still enjoy TV and movies I went scouting for a better option.

We Chose HULU

I decided to go with HULU’s live streaming option and I don’t regret it.  We cut our bill down to less than $60 per month (we had multiple televisions and some options on there) which is a huge price cut from the cost of satellite.

I knew we would never go back to satellite when we went to my mother-in-laws lake place.  She has Dish Network and I was so annoyed again by the amount of junk on when I sat down to watch TV one night.

With my streaming service when I’m ready to sit down to watch TV what I want to watch is ready for me. I don’t have to channel surf looking for something that won’t make me want to scream.

I save money and my sanity. Win Win!

Special Offer for You

I’m really excited because HULU has a special offer through December 1st. $1.99 a month for the first year for you to try out HULU for yourself. After that the price is $5.99 a month (live TV is more fair warning).

I always promise that I won’t ever recommend something that I don’t use and enjoy.  HULU is one of the things I don’t might recommending to people who read my blog. If you’re frustrated with cable or satellite then it’s time to cut the cord.

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